Making the most of LinkedIn for New Lawyers


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LinkedIn is not only a great tool for building your network to find and communicate with potential clients and referral sources, but also to find a job.

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Making the most of LinkedIn for New Lawyers

  1. 1. Allison C. Shields, Legal Ease Consulting, Inc.
  2. 2.  President, Legal Ease Consulting, Inc. Practice Management, Productivity, Marketing and Business Development for Lawyers Services include individual coaching, training, assessments & surveys, and business and marketing strategy Practicing lawyer for over 15 years Former law firm Administrative Partner Co-author, LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers, and Facebook in One Hour for Lawyers, published by the American Bar Association
  3. 3. What is LinkedIn and WhyDoes It Matter?
  4. 4.  The “Professional Network” Founded 2003 200 million users as of January 2013 Business people connecting with business people
  5. 5. A tool that allows you to:  Connect and re-connect  Demonstrate your expertise and interests  Foster and accelerate relationships  Leverage: who knows whom – six degrees of separation
  6. 6.  160 million unique visitors monthly 74 million users in USA 700,000 members in the legal field >2 members join per second Executives from every Fortune 500 company 50% of users are business decision makers
  7. 7. Ethics Considerations
  8. 8.  Communications about Services Advertising Duties to Prospective Clients Unauthorized Practice of Law Confidentiality Direct Contact/Solicitation/ Disclaimers Specialization
  9. 9. Important: When someone interacts withyou on LinkedIn this is what they see first.Be descriptive!
  10. 10.  Use all three options Change default names Change public profile link
  11. 11.  Professional Engaging and Inviting Consider using same one you use on other networks for ease of recognition
  12. 12.  Short Bio Use Keywords in your profile ◦ Words someone would use to find you ◦ Language potential employers use to describe skills and experience they seek
  13. 13.  New Rich media tool replaces old Applications feature  On Edit Profile screen, find “Add Add media to Media” within the designated Summary, Experience or Education sections – the square with the plus sections sign
  14. 14.  Manage received recommendations Send recommendations Request recommendations Ethical issues
  15. 15.  Add Contacts Load up & look up (Outlook)
  16. 16.  People You May Know Who‟s Viewed Your Profile?
  17. 17. KeywordLocationIndustryGroupRelationshipLanguage
  18. 18.  Personalize your invitations to connect Don‟t use the default invitation Give them a reason to connect
  19. 19. *Continue theconversation: thankthe personfor connecting
  20. 20. Be inspired by statusupdates: correspond & fastforward relationships!
  21. 21. Organized by:• Area of practice• Personal interests• Alumni• Charitable• Other
  22. 22. Goal: take it off-line „digital topersonal‟
  23. 23. If you‟re looking for ajob, click on the JobsTab, then Find Jobs
  24. 24. On the “Search forJobs” pageMore completeprofiles=easier tofind in searchMore connections= more „warm‟introductionsFollow companiesyou‟re interestedin; find out whenpositions areavailable
  25. 25. Refine your search by: • Location • Industry • Relationship • Company Size • Fortune
  26. 26. Adjust your LinkedIn profilesettings from the toolbar on thetop right of your screen.
  27. 27. 1. Updates2. Activities3. Profile Views4. Connections5. Social and Partner advertising
  28. 28. Contact Information:Allison@LegalEaseConsulting.comPhone: (blog)