mca roc companies act 2013 llp shifting of registered office partnership firm 2013 companies act private company form of business registered office shifting change of registered office of the company limited liability partnership public limited company nidhi companies society producer companies producer company public company section 248 how to close a company closure of company one person company service agreement nda non disclosure agreement lease deed mgt14 reappointment of auditor appointment xbrl director identification number company act 2013 shift registered office shift company registered office inc22 change registered office private limited company how llp is structured llp incorporation advantages of llp the limited liability mutual benefit company mutual benefit funds benefit funds permanent fund non-banking financial company nidhi company trust sole proprietorship other entity to company proprietorship company public limited companies producers companies promote cultivation producer institution producer legal entity in india company into llp formation of llp public company into llp listed public company unlisted public company section 139 of companies act remove auditor resignation of auditor auditors fast track exit scheme company strike off mandatory strike off strike off aoc 4 xbrl financial statements mca xbrl annual filing xbrl filing services xbrl reporting xbrl filing din surrender of din change in capital nominal capital authorised share capital authorised capital legal entity forms of business opc company change company company name process business name change changing company names company name change process for name change unpaid dividend final dividend payment of dividend declaration of dividend software contract software developer software agreement software development agreement rent control act registration act indian stamp act drafting contract draftsman market place shopping online online shop online store ecommerce website online shopping ecommerce business e-commerce segment e-commerce tenant agreement residential lease deed house rental agreement property registration rent agreement scope of services confidentiality agreement nda for consultant nda for professional business agreement non disclosure nda with employees material adverse changes venture capitalist protective provisions veto right bring along clause anti dilution clause board level of the company director of the company right of first refusal clause venture capital investment private equity duties of lessee rent deed registration of deed term of the lease deed commencement of lease deed commercial lease commercial lease deed commencement of lease term procedure for shifting of registered office process for shifting of registered office process for change in registered office procedure for change in registered office inc28 inc23 board resolution special resolution registered office change within the state section 12 change in registered office of the company change in registered office section 13 type of change in object clause main object clause changing of object clause alteration of object clause alter object clause alteration in object clause reason for change in object clause object clause change in object clause of company change in object clause disqualification for auditor appointment qualification for auditor appointment term of auditor section 141 section 139 adt3 adt2 adt1 statutory auditor appointment appointment of statutory auditor appointment of auditor auditor appointment section 134 section 92 board report director report timeline to submit annual return aoc4 xbrl aoc 4 ind as aoc4 cfs mgt8 aoc4 mgt7 company annual return opt dormant company status dormant company status minimum director in dormant company condition for dormant company reason of dormant company what is dormant company active to dormant company dormant companies dormant company director kyc din compliance dir-3 dir-2 get din dir3 din form how to apply for din how to obtain din allotment of din din number din no. law for change of registered office compliance for shifting of registered office outside local limit transfer of registered office local limit shifting of registered office within local limit section12 registered office partnership compliance llp compliance company compliane llp tax audit register partnership firm register llp register company benefit of partnership firm benefit of llp benefit of company llp act partership
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