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Lets Help You Create A Website Easily


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Website Builder's viability is fast increasing with the surge in website creation, you too can opt for it and get a website made within minutes. Here's a help on how to create a website easily!

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Lets Help You Create A Website Easily

  1. 1. Let’s Help You Create A Website Easily! An Exclusive Website Builder Guide! Building A Professional Website Becomes Easier Now! Online Website Builder
  2. 2. What You will Learn Here Website Builder Contact Us| 1. Introduction 2. Child’s Play To Build A Website 3. Website Purpose 4. Site Map 5. Getting Your Website Constructed 6. What To Put On Your Website 7. Should You Be Selling Online? 8. Keep Your Website Super Secure 9. Publishing Your Website 10. It’s Time To Manage Your Website 11. Let’s Help You Create A Website Now! 12. YouTube Videos
  3. 3. 1. Introduction Do You Really Need A Professional Website? Sales & support, 24/7 open shop for your customers, promotion & marketing, brand creation and beyond, there are scores of reasons to kick off a website right away for your business: • Provide information & news • Display your product line • Sell/open to a huge customer range online • Provide a great 24/7 customer support & build a niche brand The internet has opened up people pertaining to purchase decisions, thus opting for a website is set to give your business credibility & exposure and attract new customers in a flash. Website Builder Contact Us|
  4. 4. 2. It’s A Child’s Play To Build A Website These Days, Thanks To Website Builder! • Just can’t believe what you just went through? Well, it’s as simple as 1,2,3! You don’t need to be tech-savvy to craft a high quality website with BookMyIdentity’s ‘Website Builder’ it is affordable too! • Thus, what are you still waiting for? Slide through the next slides & see how it’s so easy building your professional website! Not to forget, BookMyIdentity’s Website Builder is also here to help. Website Builder Contact Us|
  5. 5. • Majority of businesses go for domain names ending with popular domain names ending with.COM, .NET, or.ORG as they are the addresses recognized easily by people • You can also go ahead and consider various other business oriented domain extensions such as. BIZ and alike if you are unable to seize a.COM ending domain • If you are to trade overseas, you can also opt for international domain names (IDNs) Get The Right Domain Website Builder Contact Us|
  6. 6. 3. Website Purpose What Are You Creating Your Website For? Once it’s decided to have a website for your business, you must decide as to what would you like to achieve with it. Defining some broad objectives for your website would be great. • Selling online directly • Attract new customers • Provide after-sales support • Offer information about your business For an example, you might be up for It would be good to get everything decided right from the scratch as it would influence the looks of your website, the page structure and what information you include. Website Builder Contact Us|
  7. 7. 4. Site Map How Will You Get Your Website Structured? Before you start to create your website, it’s quite crucial to zero in on what pages you would want to be showcased on your website and how will they look and fit together. • Home page • About us page • Product catalogue • Online order form • Contact us page Here are some aspects that you might need to include • Support/customer care page • Business news/press releases • New customer sign up page • Online order tracking page • Enquiry form Website Builder Contact Us|
  8. 8. 5. Getting Your Website Constructed Decide How To Build Your Website Do It From The Word ‘Go’ If you are versed with HTML code, you can create your website from scratch, giving you a high level of control, but could be exhaustive and tricky at times. It’s good if you are not afraid of all the coding and enough time for everything on your own. Website Builder Contact Us|
  9. 9. Use A Website Builder Fastest, easiest and non-exhaustive way to make a website- all that you have to do is; pick the design that you want from a wide range of templates with BookMyIdentity’s Website Builder Package, add your images, text and other content types. And mind you, there is absolutely no need to have prior technical knowledge. It’s good if you are on a limited budget and are in no mood for a technical breakdown. Website Builder Contact Us|
  10. 10. 6. What To Put On Your Website It’s quite hard to know sometimes as to what to put on your website, let’s help you out! • Put Your Visitor First- Dig deeper as to what people are most likely to look for on each page and ensure it’s the first thing you include. • Keep Away From Dead Ends- Each page should give your visitors a cue to visit somewhere- buy a product, contact you and more. • Keep It Snappy- Keep pages to a maximum of 300-400 words, using bullet points and titles, making people to skim read. • Go Personal- Don’t be too formal over the web, a casual and engaging tone works the best. • Use Pictures & Video- Well-placed photos and videos are set to bring your site and business to life, use them vehemently. Tips For Great Website Content Website Builder Contact Us|
  11. 11. 7. Should You Be Selling Online? Getting an online shop installed is a superb method to grab new customers and grow your business by manifolds- giving you unmatched stability in the long run. Website Builder Contact Us|
  12. 12. • ECommerce Package- The best thing would be opting for an eCommerce package to help you select a design, add your company, product details. It will also oversee payment and processing issues and you won’t need any prior technical knowledge. How To Sell Online? • Get A Shop Self-Developed- Wanting to get customized functions? You can build an online shop right from the scratch, giving you enough of flexibility, but is time consuming and requires a technical know-how of the website builder and complete dedication as well. Website Builder Contact Us|
  13. 13. SSL Certificates CodeGuard SiteLock 8. Keep Your Website Super Secure Security of the website is of utmost importance and you must pay heed to it, especially when you are handling sensitive information of the customers such as credit card information and more. Use and more to keep your website secured to the ‘T’. Website Builder Contact Us|
  14. 14. 9. Publishing Your Website Once you build your website, you can publish it over the web using a web hosting service such as BookMyIdentity’s. Website Builder Contact Us|
  15. 15. 10. It’s Time To Manage Your Website Done with the uploading of your website by yourself or with the help of a website builder? It’s just the beginning! In order to keep visitors glued to your website and returning, keep refreshing your website with new designs, product & prices, new text/content formats, deals and discounts and keep out all outdated information from time to time. Website Builder Contact Us|
  16. 16. 11. Let’s Help You Create A Website Now! Want to create a website easily now? The BookMyIdentity’s website builder package is super strong to create a website without you being technically advanced; sit back, relax and let our website builder do it all for you! BookMyIdentity Also Offers Affordable Services Such As Domain name registration Domain Transfer Web security Web hosting Email hosting Website builder and more! Website Builder Contact Us|
  17. 17. 1800 2744 333 Website Builder Contact Us