Stlc phases.


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Stlc phases.

  1. 1. When does the tester comes into play in sdlc? What r the responsibilities of tester in sdlc?<br />Tester is participated from early stages of sdlc.<br />In requirements phase-tester does requirement analysis.<br />In design phase- does use case analysis and start drafting a test plan.<br />In developing test phase- tester start developing test cases and test scripts and finalize the<br />test plan<br />In testing phase- conduct various types of tests, maintain logs and test summary reports.<br />In deployment phase - prepare training documentation and lessons learned etc.<br />In support phase- test the production issues.<br />Test Requirements <br />? Requirement Specification documents<br />? Functional Specification documents <br />? Design Specification documents (use cases, etc) <br />? Use case Documents <br />? Test Trace-ability Matrix for identifying Test Coverage<br />Test Planning<br />? Test Scope, Test Environment<br />? Different Test phase and Test Methodologies<br />? Manual and Automation Testing<br />? Defect Mgmt, Configuration Mgmt, Risk Mgmt. Etc<br />? Evaluation & identification ? Test, Defect tracking tools<br />Test Environment Setup<br />? Test Bed installation and configuration<br />? Network connectivity?s<br />? All the Software/ tools Installation and configuration<br />? Coordination with Vendors and others<br />Test Design<br />? Test Traceability Matrix and Test coverage<br />? Test Scenarios Identification & Test Case preparation<br />? Test data and Test scripts preparation<br />? Test case reviews and Approval<br />? Base lining under Configuration Management<br />Test Automation<br />? Automation requirement identification<br />? Tool Evaluation and Identification.<br />? Designing or identifying Framework and scripting<br />? Script Integration, Review and Approval<br />? Base lining under Configuration Management<br />Test Execution and <br />Defect Tracking<br />? Executing Test cases<br />? Testing Test Scripts<br />? Capture, review and analyze Test Results<br />? Raised the defects and tracking for its closure<br />Test Reports <br />and Acceptance<br />? Test summary reports<br />? Test Metrics and process Improvements made<br />? Build release<br />? Receiving acceptance<br /> <br />STLC (Software Test Life Cycle)<br />Software Testing Life Cycle or STLC is a comprehensive group of testing related steps followed to deliver quality product. Testing has become an important phenomenon during and after development of any software project. The various steps in testing process are: <br />Test planning <br />This is the initial and key step in software testing. This step determines the overall flow of testing process starting from: right0<br />Requirement gathering, its analysis and specifications <br />Framing the test plan and test scenario <br />Preparing test cases and its approval <br />Tools selection and confirmation <br />We carry out our test planning on the basis of IEEE Standard for Software Test Documentation and other industry specifications. <br />Testing environment and harness preparation <br />This stage is defined by test automation framework design and development and test scripts creation. SCMS has state-of-the-art testing equipment, system software, and web middleware. This ensures creation of proper testing environment. It also helps in essentially decreasing the time for testing configurations deployment. <br />Test execution <br />The manual and automated software testing, as specified in the test plan, is applied in a dynamic state of code. The approaches and methods are utilized to validate the executable code developed meeting the specifications stated at start of software project.For each of these types of testing we have established approaches, proven testing tools, and adjusted reporting documents templates. Testing techniques applied: <br />Black Box / White Box testing <br />Ad Hoc / Exploratory testing <br />Scripted testing <br />Test Reporting <br />We use the industry-recognized bug tracking tools like Jira, BugZilla. The test reports are well-documented and the spotted bugs are reported to the developer after the testing is completed. <br />Final reporting and analysis <br />This is final step of test cycle. It involves the final report preparation and project metrics generation. The defects spotted are analyzed and recommendations are made for improvements.<br />