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Se Media Kit V 4 2009


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Media Kit

Se Media Kit V 4 2009

  1. 1. A S Y N E R GIS T IC L OYA LT Y A N D MA R K E T IN G N E T WOR K The Sweat Equity Rewards Network is a powerful B2B partner solution. It unifies and lifts all brands in the healthy lifestyle space through a universal rewards points system and creates synergies for all partners. The Sweat Equity Rewards Network converts exercise, weight loss and active living into real currency. Loyalty This simple reality redefines the active lifestyle space and provides Community fitness brands, commercial fitness operators, and corporate wellness Media Kit 2009 Corporate Wellness programs with a powerful new Fitness motivation, program retention and loyalty tool. Lee Embley 805.693.1986 ph
  2. 2. A Universal Points Rewards System C O N V E RT I N G S W E AT I N TO E Q U I T Y CORP ORATE WELLNESS Monetary rewards program to A rewards and loyalty system will only succeed if The Sweat Equity Rewards Network resolves increase the program participation. there is enough critical mass to offer the consumer the fragmentation - It offers a universal points meaningful and exciting incentives to engage and rewards system that provides ‘instant’ Sustained program engagement participate in such a rewards program. gratification to the consumer. using virtual events, challenges, etc. However, the challenge in the wellness and fitness From personal biometric data, such as heart A motivational community network. market is fragmentation. Only the sum of many rate, steps, and miles to fitness assessments, Analytical and statistical tools about activities delivers the true value to the consumer personal training, HRAs and more, the program compliance. - better health, more energy, sustainable weight consumer receives meaningful rewards points Rewards based on business rules, loss etc. that accumulate in his personal points bank and e.g., compliance and success. Inspiration, motivation, and education are other can be redeemed for exclusive goods, such as important factors to keep the consumer engaged airline tickets, consumer electronics or ‘healthy’ when progress is slow, as it is with improving one’s services from our partners. fitness. The Loyalty Solution HEALTH CLUBS P OI NT S EXAMPLES Branded online community specifically for fitness activities. for Active and Healthy • Biometric data uploads, e.g., HR, GPS Rewards based member • Corporate Wellness Programs, e.g., Lifestyle Participation engagement and retention tool. HRAs, fitness tests, worksite events Financial and analytical toolset • ‘Healthy’ purchases to manage rewards levels. A H E A LTY S O C IA L N E TW O R K • Fitness membership fees Tools to offer Corporate Another important component in achieving your health and fitness goals is to establish a personal • Fitness assessments network of supporters, a community that inspires, motivates and educates the consumer. Online social Wellness Programs to small networks have proven to be a powerful tool to engage with the consumer and create a “self service” and medium size businesses. • Personal training sessions community that takes care of itself and its members. The Sweat Equity Network provides the online and mobile platform for a sustainable engagement with the consumer - an open dialog between members, providers, sponsors and advertisers for a “better you”. An Open Network For Providers and Advertisers ADVERTI SERS CO ALITIO N PARTNERS S PONSORS A ND A DV ERTIS ERS REDE MPTION AWARDS ‘Personal’ sponsorships creating brand recognition and loyalty. The Coalition Partners integrate their services The Sweat Equity Network provides a multitude Thanks to a meaningful level of rewards points, Targeted advertising with the Sweat Equity Network and open up of marketing program to engage sponsors and Sweat Equity offers an uncomparable mix of opportunities into demographics their products and services to be part of the advertisers with network members and groups. redemption choices and awards including: and activities. rewards program. Sponsors and advertisers ‘underwrite’ rewards • Travel and hospitality Captive audience in powerful Rewardable activities include basic biometric points and become ‘personal sponsors’ to demographics. data uploads, point of sales purchases, health individual consumers in their fitness quests. • Fitness and sports computers Redemption offers new sales & fitness subscriptions and many more ... Virtual events and fitness challenges – allowing • Gift cards channel, The Coalition Partner can opt to create a the member to earn bonus points, community • Fitness memberships branded “sub-community” within the Sweat status and more – are “underwritten” by our Equity Network, and invite its commercial sponsors and advertisers, providing even more • Personal training session customers and retail channels to sponsor opportunities to create a meaningful dialog with related activities and events. the consumer.
  3. 3. The Sweat Equity Network TI TLE SPONSOR The most prestigous and Business and Marketing exclusive way to connect your brand with a vibrant online Opportunities CON V E R T I N G S W E AT I N TO Y OU R BRAND E QUI T Y community. The Title Sponsor is connected at every level and in evey marketing event with the consumer. This program also includes a V IRTU A L E V E N TS share of display and mobile Virtual Events are great advertising, virtual events, and opportunities to connect with your program sponsorships. customer in a personal and meaningful way. Virtual Events are inspiring “online COMMUNI TY SPONSOR happenings” that bring communities together in pursuit of Sponsor the members of a a set goals, fostering team and sub-community (e.g. running, community spirit and engaging cycling, swimming, weight loss, our members in physical fitness, yoga, walking, team sports activities. and more). The Community Sponsor is connected with every marketing DI SPLAY A D V E RT IS IN G event in the selected Banner and display ads are sub-community. available for the home page, This program also includes a share sub-community home pages and of display and mobile advertising, member pages. and virtual events sponsorships. Narrow cast your advertising toward your most desireabe target group. Cost per Click, Clost per PROGRAM SPONSOR Impression and Cost per Action Connect with the consumer in a available. long term relationship. By sponosring a program, such as “HRA”, “Heart Rate based M O B IL E A D V E RT IS IN G training” or “10,000 steps a Sweat Equity Mobile gives day”, you support each members access to community participating individual earning content, workout plans and their rewards. workout tracking on popular smart phones. Support for iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and the unique CON TA CT U S F OR M ORE I NF ORM AT I ON Progio Training Companion. Lee Embley 805-693.1986 ph Our mobile advertisers go with the member anywhere and anytime.
  4. 4. Online Community Facts & Figures Active Lifestyle Corporate Wellness
  5. 5. W HY WORKPLACE WE L L N E S S ? R I S K FA CTORS The corporate wellness market is ripe to take Poor nutrition. off, driven by escalating health insurance costs Lack of physical that can only be curbed with broad-reaching acticity. employee assistance programs to engage the Excessive stress. employee with preventive health care Tobacco use. programs, such as health risk assessments, Other unhealthy habits. health education and fitness participation. 82% of the U.S. Fortune 1000 corporations already offer some form of wellness programs, however, they struggle to design effective incentives as these programs lack systems to measure compliance and participation. TOP OBJECTIVES H RA D R I V I N G W ELLNESS H E A LT H FAIRS Corporate Wellness INIATIVES Reducing absences. Supporting Preventive C O R P O R ATE F I T N E SS CENTER Improving Health Initiatives H E A LT H COACHING productivity/presenteeism. D IS E A S E Improving workforce morale. M A NA GEM ENT Reducing health insurance costs. T H E INC E N T I V E EQ U ATI O N Employer approaches are changing from unmanaged activities to strategic, financially-driven programs. According to a recent research study* already 77% of U.S. Fortune 1000 companies offer or plan to offer some form of incentive rewards. Incentive rewards are offered for activities, such as HRAs, work place health challenges (e.g., walking, weight loss), biometric healh screening, and tracking P R OG RAM healthy living activties (e.g., frequent exercising) . C OM P ON E NTS Incentives/Rewards range from merchandise and gifts to health insurance Gym/Fitness premium reductions, employer-subsidized gym memberships, reimbursements for membership discounts. wellness classes and more. Incentive values range from under $100 per employee Biometric health screenings. per year up to more than $500, with an average of $145. Health Risk Appraisal. Disease Management. T H E N EXT STEPS Strengthen Strategy: programs need a clear direction, measurable goals, and Employee Assistance Programs. buy-in from all levels of management. Program Measurement: programs need more interactive tracking tools and ways to measure progress. Enhance Online healthy lifestyle programs. attraction and retention: companies thrive to create a work environment and work-life balance as a competitive edge to attractand retain top talent. Build engagement: engage all employees in a lifelong wellness across the spectrum of health. Source: A Global Survey of Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness Strategies, Barry Ball, buck consultants, an ACS Company
  6. 6. Facts & Figures RUNN ING IS ON TH E R I S E T H E R U N N I N G M ARKET Running is currently benefiting from a surge Runners spend $125 billion in interest from participants of all levels, with on health-related goods and services. more people turning to the sport for the health 37 million runners in the US, 11 benefits and personal challenge. million run at least 100 times a There are now more than 37 million runners year. in the U.S. alone. It is a sport that easily fits Average mal is 27-31, average any lifestyle and is well suited for today’s busy female is 23-26 years old. schedules. 30% with an HHI of >$75k. Running fosters a strong sense of community and gives brands the opportunity to reach out to influencers that will share their message with their friends. T H E U . S . CYCLING R U N NI NG M ARKET Active Lifestyle C Y C L I NG 43 million participants. R E C RE ATIONAL 5.3 enthusiasts riding more F I T NE SS P E RF O R M ANCE A powerful Audience then 110 days per year. $6.5 billion industry. AT H L E T ICS 35% have HHI over $75k. Average age 35-54 (excluding CY CL IN G BO OM S teenage cyclists). Cycling is a sport that is accessible to people of all age groups and abilities. The competitors are extremely hard working, motivated and goal oriented, and they dedicate their time, energy, and athleticism to the sport and are great influencers regarding equipment purchases. While recreational cyclists may also dedicate significant time to the sport, they participate more often as a leisure activity, for exercise, or to get around town. T H E U . S . F I TNESS Advertisers look to cycling as an effective way to reach active, conscientious M A RKET consumers, specifically within the 35 to 54 age range. Industry revenues $20bn. 15.6% penetration. TH E FI TN ESS PHE NOME NON >29,000 clubs. Unlike any other recreational industry, the fitness market has undergone a dramatic Membership 41.3m. evolution over the past 15 years. Not only has the market more then doubled, from less than 20 million members (1990) to well over 40 million members (2006), the industry is working hard to transform its services and appeal to much larger audiences, including children, overweight and sedentary people, sport specific conditioning and many more. Clubs are increasingly adding features and services to enhance usage and retention – loyalty programs are the next “Big Movement” and provide unique opportunities for brands to connect with consumers.
  7. 7. VI RTU AL SOCIAL IN T E R A C T I ON B U S INESS Everything on the Web is moving to more social OB JE CTIVES interaction. Social software can be loosely defined Reduce customer support costs. as software that enables human social behavior. Increase customer loyalty. An example of normal human social behavior is Increase brand awareness. when you go to a movie and you really like it, then Generate word of mouth. you go to work the next day and you tell your Bring outside ideas into the friends how cool the movie was – that’s normal organization. social behavior. Social software enables those kinds of conversations and behaviors online. Sweat Equity Network takes this approach to the heatlhy and active lifestyle market - so consumers can connect, exchange experiences, motivate each other, find inspiration and earn rewards and community recognition along the way. S OC I A L NETW ORK PA RT ICIPATION Online Communities B OOS T S LOYALTY BLOGS 9x more likely to revisit the site A new powerful F RI E NDS 2x as loyal C O M M U NITY Purchase 2x as often H E L P DESK S E L F HEL P social Marketing & Purchase 5x more than the average client. S TAT US Communication tool Customers 50% longer than A F F IN IT Y A N D L OYALTY Sweat Equity Network is more than just another “social network”. Sweat Equity communities inspire, motivate, support and educate each other because of their passionate interest in healthy and active lifestyles. Members can easily choose a space where they feel at home (e.g., Running, Weight Loss, Moms, etc.), invite friends, share common interest and activitites, find help and more. Community activities are rewarded like all other activities, helping build virbrant communities that are relevant and meaningful. For the first time, health coaching becomes viral and doesn’t rely solely on the shoulder of the experts.
  8. 8. Corporate Programs Media Data Health & Fitness Clubs Advertisers & Sponsors Coalition Partners
  9. 9. A strategic incentive approach FO R A BETTER WO RKFO RCE We understand that Corporate Wellness Programs are all about participation and sustained engagement. Sweat Equity Network provides comprehensive online services to engage your employees, create program specific incentives, while giving you financial tools to administrate, manage and analyze your corporate wellness incentive programs. Best part is that Sweat Equity Network is a vibrant, self-supported community – complete with virtual events, challenges and direct electronic marketing tools – that significantly boosts adoption, retention and success rates due to its engaging and motivating format. P RO G R AM O VERVI EW F EATU R ES & BEN EFI TS The Loyalty Solution Loyalty • Increase program participation and engagement. Corporate Wellness Community PROGRAM SIZE KEY FEATURES PROGRAM COSTS* Engagement • Rules driven program incentives to drive success and up to 100 employees Standard Sweat Equity Pay As You Go - no Incentives Network. Rewards for minimum commitment. participation. HRA, biometric data, $2 for ea. 100 pts. health screenings, etc. • Incentives customized via business rules specific to up to 500 employees Standard Sweat Equity $2,500 / month. program objectives. Network. Rewards for $1.50 for ea. 100 pts. HRA, biometric data, • Self service online community health screenings, etc. reduces support costs by more then 90%. up to 5,000 employees Co-branded ‘Corporate’ $10,000 / month. Sweat Equity Network $1.40 for ea. 100 pts. • Motivating virtual events and sub-community. 1 year minimum. challenges. Custom business rules. Custom projects. Custom events and direct marketing programs. • Comprehensive financial toolset for administration, management, > 5,000 employees 100% dedicated Corporate $25,000 / month. and analysis. branded Social Network $1.30 for ea. 100 pts. powered by Sweat Equity. 1 year minimum. • Comprehensive direct marketing Custom business rules, Custom projects. tools. events, direct marketing programs etc. * Business rules allow defining of maximum thresholds, monthly and annual program budgets. CO NTACT US FO R M O RE INFO RM ATION Lee Embley 805.693.1986 ph
  10. 10. Get more members – and keep them coming back BETTER RETENTIO N - BETTER RESULTS It is difficult to manage a business constantly that churns through 40% of its members (Industry average according to IHRSA). But keeping your membership happy and engaged is no simple task either. People join clubs every day – but without proper engagement, ongoing motivational support and education, good intentions are quickly forgotten. And when goals aren’t met, frustration and discouragement lead to quitting and failure. The Sweat Equity Network overcomes these every day challenges, for the club operator as well as for the individual. P RO G R AM O VERVI EW F EATU R ES & BEN EFI TS The Loyalty Solution Health & Fitness Clubs • Self service online community reduces support costs by more Engagement than 90%. Retention PROGRAM KEY FEATURES PROGRAM COSTS* • Rules driven program incentives to Loyalty drive success and participation. up to 2,000 Standard Sweat Equity Pay As You Go Incentives members Network. Rewards for no minimum budget • Incentives customized via membership, personal $2 for ea. 100 pts. training, pro shop purchases business rules specific to program objectives. up to 5,000 Standard Sweat Equity $2,500 / month. members Network. Rewards for $1.50 for ea. 100 pts. • Motivating virtual events and membership, personal training, pro shop challenges. purchases etc. up to 100,000 Co-branded ‘Club’ Sweat $10,000 / month. • Comprehensive financial toolset members Equity Network w/ dedicated $1.40 for ea. 100 pts. for administration, management, sub-community. 1 year minimum. and analysis. Rewards for membership, Custom projects. personal training, pro shop • Comprehensive direct marketing purchases etc. tools. Custom business rules. Custom events and direct marketing programs. • Virtual training and education > 100,000 Dedicated Club branded site $25,000 / month. tools. members powered by Sweat Equity. $1.30 for ea. 100 pts. Rewards for membership, 1 year minimum. • Tools to offer corporate wellness personal training, pro shop Custom projects. programs through your fitness purchases. Custom business center. rules, events, direct marketing. * Business rules allow defining of maximum thresholds, monthly and annual program budgets. CO NTACT US FO R M O RE INFO RM ATION Lee Embley 805.693.1986 ph
  11. 11. Reward Your Customers TARG ET YO UR AUDIENCE – SPO NSOR THEIR ENDEVO URS – CREATE A M EANING FUL DIALOG Active and healthy-living consumers are a large and powerful audience. Marketing to the right customer with the right message is critical to succeed in today’s competitive marketplaces. The Sweat Equity Network provides unique marketing opportunities that speak directly to consumers, enhance their experiences and build brand awareness and loyalty in many meaningful ways. Your company can sponsor activities, such as recorded runs, bike rides, or workout sessions; create branded virtual events and challenges and actively engage with the consumer; you can advertise your products and associate your brand with people’s well being; and offer your own custom branded rewards program. K E Y D EMO G R APH I C S • Runners spend $125 billion on Sponsor & Advertiser Opportunities health related goods and Sponsoring services. Online&Mobile • 30% of runners have a HHI > Display PROGRAM KEY FEATURES COSTS* $75k Advertising Title One year exclusive contract please call us for a Brand Loyalty • Cycling is a $6.5 billion industry Sponsor permanent page banner custom proposal with 43 million participants. 6 email newsletters Rewards 2 virtual events • 41.3 million health club 4 opt-in direct mail campaigns Co-sponsor for all members members in the U.S. Event Exclusive event and program $25,000 / month. • Health Club industry in the U.S. Sponsor brand advertising $1.30 for ea. 100 pts. 1 opt-in direct mail > $20 billion per annum. 4 email newsletter 2m points sponsor • Social network users are 2x as The Mall Online Product advertising on starts at $500/month loyal, purchase 2x as often, and dedicated page ‘Recommended 5x more than the averge by Sweat Equity Network’ Call for details consumer. Various Display sizes available Banner Online display advertising on Minimum $500/month Advertising community pages. Cost per Click Cost per Action Various display sizes available Cost per Impression Mobile Mobile display advertising on Minimum $500/month Advertising mobile community pages. Cost per Click Support for iPhone, Windows Cost per Action Mobile, and Blackberry devices. Cost per Impression * Business rules for maximum thresholds, monthly and annual program budgets. CO NTACT US FO R M O RE INFO RM AT ION Lee Embley 805.693.1986 ph