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ID Resume LGB (1)


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ID Resume LGB (1)

  1. 1. Leeanne M. G-Bowley Community, Equity, Education What drives Bachelors of Arts in Government and Politics with a minor in Theatre May 2004. GPA: 3.43; Major GPA: 3.68. Masters of Science in School Building Leadership. School of Education. September 2007. GPA: 3.92. Focus on Curriculum and Instruction. My imperative is to facilitate authentic engagement that connects education with reality while cultivating leadership in every student. DevelopedFoundationCenterlearningprinciples thatguidethecreationofpracticalnewcurriculum. Servesasleadtrainer,facilitatingcoursesaroundthecountry andtrainingover1,000studentsannually. Securedandleda$75,000contractthattrainedthenonprofit leadersofPinedale,WYandYampaValleyColorado. Results includedthecreationandimplementationof33fundraising plansatnonprofitsintheseruralcommunities. Createscurriculumandleadsworkshopsforinstitutionssuch asHarvardUniversity,AsiaSociety,SUNYAlbany,Ford Foundation,andIowaArtsCouncil. Leadstaffconsultantoncurriculumdevelopmentand developmentofnewe-learningprogram. DevelopedaTrainingLeadershipprogramtoensurehigh qualitytrainingthroughoutFoundationCenter. Negotiatedandsecuredcontractswithtopconsultantsfor contentcreationanddeliveryforcohortprograms. PAST POSITIONS Traditional resume available at EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT July 2015 Netroot Nation Conference FOUNDATION CENTER CAPACITY AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT MANAGER NOVEMBER 2007-PRESENT Foundation Center Seminar Coordinator September 2006 to 2007 St. John's University School of Education Logistical Coordinator November 2003 to August 2006 May 2014 "Fostering Excellence in Board Leadership" Credit Suisse. ADVISORY COMMITTEES AT DANCE/NYC New Yorker for Dance Advisory Committee Member 2013 to Present Dance/NYC Junior Committee Member 2011-2013 Chair 2012/2013 season Led the Dance/NYC Junior Committee in a successful initiative to create a multicultural committee. June 2015 Bridge E-Learning Implementation Training Instructure