Free shit: how to get it and use it - A look at the blogger-pr person relationship, from the PR side


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Free Shit: How to get it and use it
A look at the blogger-pr person relationship, from the PR side…
A perk of having a well-visited blog or Twitter feed that many eyeballs see, is that you become an attractive outlet for PR people. Suddenly you are getting samples, invitations to events, and other freebies, but what does that mean? What are the expectations placed on you? What would make a PR person want to consider you? What frustrates, or pleases both PR people and bloggers in this relationship? Hear from Leeann Froese, a communicator in her 17th year, on how she has explored and developed these relationships, and how can they can be a win-win.

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Free shit: how to get it and use it - A look at the blogger-pr person relationship, from the PR side

  1. 1. Free Shit:How to get it and use itA look at the blogger-pr personrelationship, from the PR side…
  2. 2. What is a PR person, really?•  Goals include to gainearned media andincrease reputation•  Professional exchange
  3. 3. Why do bloggers matter?•  You have a voice•  Earned media
  4. 4. Not all bloggers are alike…•  Why should you getfree shit?•  Varying levels ofprofessionalism•  Varying objectives
  5. 5. If you are out for free stuff…•  Samples, invitations toevents, and other freebies•  What do you need toKnow?•  Let’s talk about bestpractices
  6. 6. Who the heck are you?PUT YOUR NAMEIN THE ABOUT SECTION!Samples and freebiesneed to be deliveredto a human.
  7. 7. Learn to spell•  Or get someone toread the text for you.•  And spell the nameright of the companywho is giving you afreebie!
  8. 8. Disclose•  Like with a recipe: “I was given soup…”•  I was offered the chance to _____ by ____•  Totally different in the USA•  TBEX just covered this•  #spon – is it enough?
  9. 9. I am a part of the Walmart Moms program, andWalmart has provided me with compensationfor these posts. My participation is voluntaryand opinions are always my own.Read more at
  10. 10. But don’t brag or act entitledDon’t run around townsaying how you geteverything for free.
  11. 11. Be honest(but not too mean)Some people like to be“critics” so feel the needto always be critical.
  12. 12. Don’t use your blogas a weaponDon’t demandsomething or else…
  13. 13. Take it offline first•  Don’t call someoneout online withouttrying to fix first.•  Companies should begiven a chance to behelpful.
  14. 14. We can live in harmonyIt can be awin-win!
  15. 15. Leeann Froese |
  16. 16. Let’s keep talking