Preliminary Magazine Research 2


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This is the research i have done for my preliminary magazine research; 4 front covers and 4 contents.

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Preliminary Magazine Research 2

  1. 1. Preliminary Magazine Research
  2. 2. This newsletter cover makes sure that the logo stands out from the page. The headline is made to catch the audiences eye. The photo’s are clear and easy to see.
  3. 3. This magazine makes the logo stand out from the page. The picture is made to stand out with a orange outline. The main story is one of the biggest pieces of info on the page. This is to make the audience want the magazine.
  4. 4. Each story has a different colour to help the magazine stand out. The website of the magazine is shown for the audiences use. Different fonts are used to help the magazine to entice its audience. The shot of the basketball players taken is a medium shot/long shot.
  5. 5. The title of the magazine is clear and stands out the most. This is great so that the audience will know what the magazine is called. The image really stands out on the page due to it being the largest item on the front cover. The school emblem is clearly shown at the top of the page to make sure the audience know who’s magazine it is.
  6. 6. The use of sponsors on the magazine will make the customer want the magazine even more. This magazine has a target audience for the parents of the children as they may want to know what is happening in the school. Telling the audience what issue this magazine is key. The image shows us how proud and happy the school is to work. Words such as “ proud to work ” shows the audience how good the school is.
  7. 7. The masthead stands out from the great use of colour. Also the slogan links back the school. The headline catches my attention straight away. Several other stories keep the readers interest with the magazine instead of repeating the same type of stories.
  8. 8. The image welcomes in the audience as the children are smiling and welcoming. The logo represents the school and the audience will see the professionalism of the magazine.
  9. 9. The information shown covers a range of areas to attract customers. The pictures shown cover 3 different areas that the magazine covers. Different fonts and colours are used to make sure that the stories stand out. This could be improved if they made exclusive stories larger, and maybe at an angle.
  10. 10. This shot is a medium shot. The magazine does not wow me when I look at this contents. It is neat and sophisticated but does not stand out. The images shown are not great, and due to the magazine not standing out, the images don’t suit the magazine. The information does not jump off the page The whit background stands out a lot more than the actual information and images. It should be the other way around.
  11. 11. This contents has a good use of colours to attract its audience. The information about what is provided on each page is clear and easy to understand but lacks the ability to jump off the page. This school magazine provides the audience with plenty of contact information. This intro to the magazine will help the audience to want to read the magazine.
  12. 12. The repetition of the schools masthead and type of school. Also the same image is repeated, this is to create the effect of happiness within the magazine. This also shows there is a great bond between the school and the Midlands co-op.
  13. 13. The masthead is clearly obvious. The information about what is on each page are clearly shown. The images are clear to the audience.
  14. 14. The effect put on this piece of information will entice its audience. The whole contents page uses a great range of colours will makes the information to stand out. This contents page is aimed at the parents of the children market.
  15. 15. The background effect will attract customers. The range of colours will attract customers as it stands out. The fonts used are clear and easy to read.
  16. 16. The magazine made to create the effect it is on a billboard