Magazines dvdn cover4


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A review of one DVD cover and one Film poster.

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Magazines dvdn cover4

  1. 1. Magazine/DVD Cover Review
  2. 2. The use of colours on the cover shows how tense and on the edge the story line is due to them being dark and evil. The two main characters on the front of the cover look suspicious. This may represent the theme of the storyline. The two flags on the front cover and the KGB title add suspicion to the film. This is due to it representing a war between two powerful countries in which ‘The Art of Deception’ is at the core. The image of these three characters blended with a shot of a city represents how they are at the core of the storyline and ‘The Art Of Deception’. The colour of this text adds to the intense themes of the film.
  3. 3. The two images at the top and bottom of the page add tension from there facial expressions. The suspicion and deception of the film is emphasized by two documents here. Especially as there is a red tone to the image. The title of the film has a strong appearance. There is a sense of deception within the title. The award nominations and wins emphasize how good the film is. This may entice the audience to watch the film.