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Magazines dvd cover 2


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A review of one magazine cover and one dvd cover.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Magazines dvd cover 2

  1. 1. Magazine/DVD Cover 2 Review
  2. 2. Instantly, the misty background gives a sense of mystery and hidden messages being sent from the film. The title of the film has a sense of dominance and power. The bright light shining from the heart area of the body is very sharp on the eye to give it a futuristic feel. The way this character is standing tall shows off power and dominance from this character. The choice of font shows of a sense of intense action. Linked to the slogan used by the font sends a strong and intense message. The shape and look of these images has a futuristic feel to them.
  3. 3. Instantly the name of the magazine due to its bright colour, this is key as it links to the film and the bright circle on the characters body. The main character from the film is standing tall at the front of the magazine. Due to him being in front of the name of the magazine means that he is in control. The mysterious cloud in the background show how many questions may be unanswered and will be answered when the target market watch the film. The title of the film is quite dominant and shows how powerful this character is. With the addition of the slogan, the magazine cover creates many unanswered questions. This film strip feature to the magazine is effective as it has a representation of the main review. Also the user get a sense of what is inside.