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Contents Evaluation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. CONTENTS<br />
  3. 3. IN WHAT WAY DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE, DEVELOP OR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF REAL MEDIA PRODUCTS?<br />When I compare my magazine contents to a professional contents design and consider the conventions I can consider many areas. First of all I can look at the banner type design across the top of the page. This is very unconventional, this type of design may not always be seen in a professional magazine. This will create an effect on the target market. The way the images are placed, this may be very conventional, as seen in the professional magazine contents, this follows the same principal n my design. Also, the numbers on the images can be seen as both conventional and unconventional. This follows the same design as on the professional contents, however, the glow and being laced on top of the image can been seen as unconventional. Finally, the colours that are used within my contents are very much unconventional. These may not always be seen in a professional contents as seen. The colours on the professional are not as bright. This unconventional style will create an effect on the target market.<br />
  4. 4. This banner style design is very unconventional . This feature give the magazine an edge by making it catch the eye of the customer.<br />The placement of this information is very unconventional. Being on an image makes it stand out a lot more. Also the glow used gives I an extra edge.<br />The colours use such as this information . Colours like this make the magazine contents very much unconventional. The basic information will stand out when looking at the page. <br />A range of images are used based around music, this is a very conventional feature. Customers expect to be attracted in to the magazine by intriguing images.<br />
  5. 5. How does your media product represent particular social groups?<br />When I identify areas on my contents that attract particular social groups, I an see that it attracts the male side of the rock music market. This is firstly shown from the colours use. The red and blue in this area of my contents defiantly attract much . of males. When we look at these colours , I feel many<br /> man younger males will feel attracted to the magazine <br /> than older.<br />When we look at the images that I have used in the contents, I feel they will also attract more the younger male market, especially in the larger main image that I have used. This is the market that I attempt to attract in the process, this type of magazine for the younger male market, may increase the number of males that enter rock music. Also, the use of <br /> the red will mean males will want to read on, this can most of the time be a <br /> representation of the male market. <br />This use of pink for the page name is the only form of female style. This use of pink may mean females will want to read on and see what this means. It may also mean that males will be intrigued to find out what this means.<br />
  6. 6. My media contents represents mostly a specific market . The younger male rock market will be a lot more attracted than females. This is represented through the use of colour. The blue and red are usually represented to be male colours, this is why my magazine contents covers these colours. <br />The use of images are also more liked with males, this is especially key with the larger image. Younger males will be intrigued with what the images mean. They will therefore read on in the magazine so that they can find out. The other images used also cover this are, they represent what younger males will be interested in, they cover stories that attract the younger males. This use can work to our advantage by attracting younger males who don’t like this type of music, the males who don’t even listen to music.<br />Also, the layout of my magazine represents what younger males may want in a magazine. The images being largest on the page is better, due to younger males wanting to look at the images first, then maybe reading the text, this is the best solution. Furthermore, making these images, stand out more by the use of pointing out the number the story is on and increasing the quality is better. <br />This contents also creates many social factors from the stories and features it has. The use of the competition provided will mean many young teenagers will become social with friends and may attempt to win the competition. Also, the use of colour and a range of stories provided will lead many teenagers wanting to not only talk about the stories with friends but to come back and want more stories like so. Another essential social factor of the contents is the use of images, these images need to be perfect so that they will want to read on and talk about the images to friends.<br />My media product also needs to consider what class it attracts. From the contents, it will attract more lower class than upper class due to many factors. These consist of the use of colour is very serious , unlike a soft feel to it which may attract upper class. However, this style of colouring may work to my advantage by attracting both lower and upper class. Although the colours and font may attract lower and possibly upper class, the images will defiantly attract lower class more. These images are very strong and bold which is a representation of lower class. This is much different from a softer upper class feel. <br />
  7. 7. What kind of media institution would distribute my media product and why?<br />This website is known as Factory media selling a wide range of sport magazines. As shown it was formed in December of 2006 with the merge of three established publishing companies. All of these had a foot hold in sport magazine markets. The company hope and expect to continue delivering aspirational and in depth publications.<br />
  8. 8. The website of the publisher Factory Media gives examples of the magazines it sells. As shown below, the publisher has a wide range of sport magazines linking to them having a great foothold in the sport market. I can see that they see that there magazines need to be next generation, future style. They wan there magazine that they publish to be aspirational and inspirational. I feel my magazines attempts to meet these requirements and would fit in with this website. Much of my magazines attempts to stand out and be different in a professional manner. This why my magazine would be very much fit with the others on this website. However, even though my attempts to be unconventional it may not meet the criteria of the being more futuristic. It is much more up to date, much like what other magazines are like now. When I consider the competition that I may have on this site, it will be very low, I will be the only type of magazine in its niche market, Rock music. This will be a great advantage to my magazine if it was able to be published by this type of institution. My magazine has little competition due to the magazines already being published by the website are sport, a completely different market to my magazine.<br />When I consider if my magazine would fit in with this institution I feel it may be very popular. It may not be futuristic, but it is what magazines should be like now, it is up to date. Institutions, especially this one will want magazines like the one I have designed. When I consider what this institution expects from an institution, it may look into my style of magazine and consider if it could expand into other markets. This will also help my magazine to fit into the institution especially.<br />
  9. 9. Who would be the audience of your media product?<br />From the research I conducted earlier in the process of making my media product, I identified several magazines which helped me identify a suitable target audience and genre for my magazine. I could then use this data finally see that the rock genre which my magazine was aiming itself at was in fact a niche market. This market is much smaller and condensed market rather than a mass market which is aimed at everyone. This is a great advantage to me as I would not have to design my product at a huge population, therefore meaning I can be more specific with my design.<br />After conducting research into magazines in the same niche market/genre I could identify design features that would attract many of the target market in my genre of magazine. I was able to identify a more serious rock feel over other styles of rock. I did not want to go not heavy metal but keep with a more serious feel. When I took design features from several magazines alike I could intervene those into my own style to make it different from others.<br />My contents has many features to cover its niche music market. For example, the title of the page “Contents” consists of many rock features, the colour has an unusual but serious feel. The use of font is simple but effective, consisting of seriousness. When we consider the images used in the contents, these are key to the pages theme. They have a slight tone to them helping them to be more serious than other images may be. Also, the information provided about what story is on what page is very key. The colour used is a more darker toned blue, more darker tone to a colour will mean it can be a more serious colour. <br />By using a range of images that represent rock, my consumers will have a variety of stories to read, making the magazine even more exciting.<br />
  10. 10. How did you attract/address your audience?<br />My magazine attempts to portray the theme of rock in a way that stands out from others. It attempts to be different from the rest, this can be identified through the serious feel to the way the design is shown.<br />The colours used in this section of the is key as they bring the customer into the magazine. The use of pink and dark blue are unconventional colours. The glow on the title <br />Of the page catches the customers eye and will entice them to <br />Read on. Also, the use of blue keeps to the theme of serious <br />Rock but is used to make the reader want to see more of the <br />Magazine.<br />The images used in the contents are key. The lighting in the images is quit toned linking back to the serious theme of rock. They cover a variety of areas to entice the customer into wanting to read more. The cover a variety of areas for stories making the target market to want to find out more on these stories.<br />The use of colour in this section of the contents is key. The toned more darker blue covers the criteria for seriousness in rock . Also, the way in which they are set out on the page is key. They are put to the side of the page to create effect and entice the target market to read on.<br />
  11. 11. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?<br />When I consider the processes that I have gone through to construct my final product I can see that I have used many technologies available to be used.<br />When I consider using a digital camera to create my final products, I can say that I have learnt a lot. This has helped me to learn about camera angles to create effect in images. These different angles that have been learnt help me to bring my own style into these images that suit my final products.<br />When using a digital camera I needed to consider several areas before taking these shots. To begin, I needed to look at the best lighting features needed in the images. When using lighting, I can create an effect that is specifically suited to my magazine. I can then apply these images to my final products. <br />Finally, I can consider the use of mise-en-scene in my images that may appear on my final products. When looking at the images of any shot, the mise-en-scene needs to be correct. I can apply my style of magazine to the mise-en-scene needed in the images so that I can link any information to theses images.<br />
  12. 12. Looking back at your preliminary task, What do you feel you have learnt in the progression to the full product?<br />When considering my final product, I feel I have progressed quite a long way, my preliminary task allowed me to get use to the areas I may cover when making my final product.<br />For my contents page, I can say that much more detail is provided, I can see that I have applied more attention to the design of my final products. I especially need to pay much needed attention to the layout of my magazine. This will help my magazine to show a clear progression.<br />As shown in the two magazine, I have used colour much more effectively, the use of fonts is shown in much more detail and care. And finally, the overall lay out of my magazine is apparent. The final product is carefully constructed.<br />