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An Overview of the Public Justice Foundation, By Lee Rohn


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An Overview of the Public Justice Foundation, By Lee Rohn

  1. 1. An Overview of the Public Justice Foundation By Lee Rohn
  2. 2. An Overview of the Public JusticeFoundationAn active board member of the Public Justice Foundation, attorneyLee Rohn currently practices in Christiansted, Virgin Islands as Ownerof the Law Offices of Rohn and Carpenter, LLC.
  3. 3. An Overview of the Public JusticeFoundationEstablished in 1982, the Public Justice Foundation provides the most dynamic publicinterest legal services in the country. The organization is structured as a not-for-profit,501(c)(3) charity. Members of the organization include many accomplished attorneys,law students, law professors, and advocates of the public interest. Together, themembers of the Public Justice Foundation continually pursue a wide range of publicinterest causes. Broadly, the organization works to expand access to justice, protect thepublic and the environment, hold the government and corporations accountable, andadvance the justice system. Important issues include consumers’ rights, workers’ rights,food safety, toxic torts, and civil rights. Over the course of the organization’s history,many notable cases have found resolution. Recently, in 2010, the Public JusticeFoundation persuaded the Environmental Protection Agency to veto a permit allowing theU.S. Army Corps of Engineers to fill a stream in West Virginia with mining waste. In2008, the Public Justice Foundation prevailed in Fiser v. Dell, protecting consumer classactions in the state of New Mexico. As a well-respected organization, the Public JusticeFoundation holds extensive persuasive power in its amicus briefs. In that regard, theorganization’s recent amicus briefs have played a role in the outcome of recent SupremeCourt cases, including Wyeth v. Levine, In re American Express Merchants, Williams v.Philip Morris, and Boumediene v. Bush. Further information regarding the Public JusticeFoundation can be found online at