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American association for justice


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Lee Rohn: About the American Association for Justice

Published in: Career
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American association for justice

  1. 1. Lee Rohn: About the American Association for Justice
  2. 2. Lee Rohn: About the American Association for Justice  A President’s Club Member of the American Association for Justice, Lee Rohn is the owner of the Law Offices of Rohn and Carpenter.
  3. 3.   Over the course of more than 60 years of operation, the American Association for Justice has been working to provide support to lawyers who handle injury cases involving issues such as misconduct or negligence. As the largest trial bar in the world, the organization works with affiliates globally.
  4. 4.     There are a number of benefits to joining the AAJ. Members receive hardcopy and digital subscriptions to Trial magazine as well as world-class continuing education opportunities. They also have, access to the AJJ Exchange, the organization's case preparation research service, and a variety of networking options. Three membership options are available, including regular membership, associate membership, and the President's Club. President's Club members are eligible to hold office, and they receive a number of extended benefits.