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Elevating Organizational Culture with Effective Communication


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The Power of Listening.
The costs of not listening.
The power of Nonverbal Communication

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Elevating Organizational Culture with Effective Communication

  1. 1. ELEVATING ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE WITH EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Presented to: Presented by: Lee Broekman Organic Communication LLC April 12, 2016
  2. 2. “In practice, communication is the most complex of all complex activities of human existence.” -- Ray and Myers, Stanford Effective Communication
  3. 3. Part 1: The Power of Listening
  4. 4. Transactional Model of Communication
  5. 5. • Billions of dollars of losses accumulated • Retyped letters • Rescheduled appointments • Rerouted shipments • Breakdowns in labor management relations • Misunderstood sales presentations • Job interviews that never really get off the ground * Ray and Myers, Creativity in Business. The costs of not listening: Lack of Listening
  6. 6. Level I Listening Listening to your own: • Thoughts • Judgments • Opinions Level II Listening Listening for the speaker’s: • Purpose • Vision • Objective • Outcome 6 Levels of Listening
  7. 7. Part 2: The Power of Nonverbal Communication
  8. 8. Studies show that during communication interactions: • Less than 20% of the message is verbally communicated • While more than 80% of the message is nonverbal The Power of Nonverbal Communication
  9. 9. Thin-slicing is what we do when we first see someone. We take a very quick snapshot of who we think they are. We gauge very quickly, in less than a second: • Do we think that they are credible? • Do we think they are competent? • Do we think that they are charismatic? And we do that very, very quickly based on very few cues, almost always nonverbal. What is Thin-Slicing?
  10. 10. Three Essential Elements of Nonverbal Communication
  11. 11. Conveying Emotions Hickory Dickory Dock The Mouse Ran Up The Clock The Clock Struck One And Down He Run Hickory Dickory Dock Putting it into Practice
  12. 12. For more information on how we can collaborate, please contact us. • Lee Broekman • 818-212-9196 • THANK YOU