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Ohio Department of Agriculture Pesticide Regs 2018 COBBTF


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James Belt describes ODA's pesticide application laws

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Ohio Department of Agriculture Pesticide Regs 2018 COBBTF

  1. 1. Pesticide RegulationPesticide Regulation James BeltJames Belt Ohio Department ofOhio Department of AgricultureAgriculture Pesticide & FertilizerPesticide & Fertilizer RegulationRegulation (614)728-6389(614)728-6389
  2. 2. Pesticide Label is the LawPesticide Label is the Law ORC 921.24(A) No person shallORC 921.24(A) No person shall apply, use, directly superviseapply, use, directly supervise such application or use, orsuch application or use, or recommend a pesticide for userecommend a pesticide for use inconsistent with theinconsistent with the pesticide’s labelingpesticide’s labeling
  3. 3. When are Pesticide Applicators Required to beWhen are Pesticide Applicators Required to be Licensed?Licensed? Pesticide Applications Made For HirePesticide Applications Made For Hire Public EmployeesPublic Employees Daycare EmployeesDaycare Employees School EmployeesSchool Employees College EmployeesCollege Employees Hospital EmployeesHospital Employees Food Establishment EmployeesFood Establishment Employees Golf Course EmployeesGolf Course Employees Rental Owners/Employees w/ More Than 4Rental Owners/Employees w/ More Than 4 Apartments @ One LocationApartments @ One Location
  4. 4. Attention Apartment/RentalAttention Apartment/Rental Owners & ManagersOwners & Managers Owners and employees of rentalOwners and employees of rental properties withproperties with more than 4 apartmentmore than 4 apartment units at one locationunits at one location are required to beare required to be licensed as Commercial Applicators inlicensed as Commercial Applicators in order to apply pesticides at thoseorder to apply pesticides at those propertiesproperties
  5. 5. Exchange of InformationExchange of Information If requested after a pesticide application,If requested after a pesticide application, Pesticide Applicators shall provide to eachPesticide Applicators shall provide to each customercustomer and resident of the appliedand resident of the applied property,property, a legibly written statement of thea legibly written statement of the pesticide applied, the amount appliedpesticide applied, the amount applied and the date of applicationand the date of application
  6. 6. Pesticide Distribution ConcernsPesticide Distribution Concerns
  7. 7. Questions and Comments?Questions and Comments? James Belt (614)728-6389James Belt (614)728-6389