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Territory - The Future Face of Interaction

Creating on-brand digital experiences that combine intelligent conceptual thinking, user-focussed design principles and future-facing user interfaces is what sets Territory apart. Our unique mix of in-house skills allow for a new creative approach to digital products and services that can have a profound effect on the quality and longevity of the solution.

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Territory - The Future Face of Interaction

  1. 1. How should the future feel?
  2. 2. Territory have a unique perspective on how we will interact with technology in the future. How the constant digital evolution of products and services will effortlessly sync into our lives and feel more human. We create world-leading user interfaces for the film industry - from The Avengers to The Martian, imagining both the technology and the visual interface. This, combined with our user centered design team, means we can deliver digital experiences for a future-facing world. We understand the future of interaction, because we’ve already designed for it.
  3. 3. We combine world-renowned interface design with brand-focused user experience to deliver future-facing digital experiences across web, mobile and physical. What makes us different?
  4. 4. Our diverse team of experts includes Anthropologists, UX, Digital, Motion and 3D Product and Environmental desigers, Full Stack Developers and Branding Experts. This diversity means we can rapidly prototype ideas and designs allowing the experience to be tested and iterated upon seamlessly. A unique team
  5. 5. We are perfectly equipped to create immersive Virtual and Augmented experiences, bringing together our in-house talent to deliver memorable and on-brand stories. Virtually perfect
  6. 6. We can do as much or as little as you require. From complete design and development of a world-beating app to a quick prototype of an interface concept, we will always bring our unique expertise to the project. We prefer to work collaboratively with our clients to understand their requirements, gain insight and achieve their goals. We’re easy to work with
  7. 7. Our Work
  8. 8. Force Over Mass (FOM) invest in tech start-ups and curate bespoke portfolios of up to 30 companies for potential investors. This tool visualises the users portfolio and displays further investment oppotunities within the same visual framework. The user can manipulate, arrange and filter their view in a myriad of ways including an all-encompassing 3D view showing size of company versus amount invested. This web-based portal is fully responsive and the 3D visual tool works across all devices. Force Over Mass Start-up investment portal View Project
  9. 9. As part of the celebration of Lord’s Bicentennial, we created a fully interactive timelime detailing the complete history of the ground and it’s devlopement over the last 200 years. Users could watch and/or interact with the timeline selecting key dates or buildings to display more detailed information. The timeline was developed to work within browser and across all devices. Lord’s Interactive Bicentennial Timeline Available at the MCC Museum
  10. 10. A geolocation app to help revellers find their way around Vogue’s ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ based in and around London’s premium retailers. Users could look up participating stores, offers and locate specific events to help navigate on the night. The App was developed cross-platform and synced to a custom content- managed database. Vogue: Fashion’s Night Out Geolocation/Wayfinding App
  11. 11. OME uses all possible user health inputs including a purchased DNA report to generate concise and ultra personal advise. The App can give text, geolocation and image based answers to help the user live a healthier lifestyle. The avatar’s colour, shape and movement is all code driven and adapts to the users questions and reliability of answer (based on user data available). The app is developed for both iOS and Android platforms. OME A.I. Healthcare Assistant Product currently in beta
  12. 12. A redesign of the Xbox 360 sport application, incorportaing both UX and UI considerations aligning to Microsoft’s new aesthetic. The designs use interactive content and a multi-layered menu system to create a minimalistic, yet highly functional, experience. Microsoft Xbox Sport Channel Interface Design
  13. 13. Territory created a life-sized, multitouch interactive installation built in Unity which allowed users to select body type, fully rotate and zoom the body, highlight affected areas and display further information via overlaid boxes. The application also featured a detailed backend database allowing administrators to edit and update all content and its positioning on the body. This meant changes to the content during the course of the year-long global event could easily be made onsite. Glaxo Smith Kline 65” Interactive Touchscreen
  14. 14. Territory considered a whole new way to discover travel and destination information based on a user action called ‘contextual zoom’. This simple mechanic delivered more precise news, hotel, lifestyle and cultural infomation the closer the user is on the map. We prototyped this and many other innovative ways of browsing travel and destination data. Travel App Concept/Prototype CONCEPT PROTOTYPE
  15. 15. Working with a US-based content provider we prototyped an OTT (Over The Top) digital service that featured second-screening displaying real-time data of the popularity of the shows and who’s watching what across the country. This allowed for a closer community who could share their thoughts across the programming. VOD/OTT TV Service Second Screen Prototyping CONCEPT PROTOTYPE
  16. 16. Who we’ve worked with
  17. 17. If you would like us to help with any of the following, please get in touch. – Digital Transfrormation Consultation – Digital Product Design/Development – User Experience Design – User Interface Design/Prototyping – Interactive Installations Call: 0203 141 9430 Email Us