Poker rave business bootstrap v1


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Slides for the Business Bootstrap meetup. Pitch Deck.

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Poker rave business bootstrap v1

  1. 1. POKERRAVE.NET “Rave about your poker games”
  2. 2. The teamLee Englestone James Dixon(Founder / Geek) (Advisor/ Poker Pro)@leeenglestone @beats4fun• BSc Computation, • Full time UK professional Manchester University poker player• Senior Software Developer• MCP, MCAD, MCSD • Big advocate of Poker Rave• C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WP7, WPF, • Has poker contacts / reach jQuery, SQL Server, Oracle
  3. 3. Where did the idea came from?• Poker players trying to tweet hands & chip levels!?• Poker players love to describe hands and share progress• Poker fans like to follow professionals and other players
  4. 4. Wouldn’t it be great if.. a player could visually sharetheir hands and game progress?
  5. 5. All Time EarnersPoker popularityWSOP 2012 $10,000main event • 1st - $8,531,853 (Greg Merson) • 2nd - $5,295,149 • (Jesse Sylvia) • 3rd – $3,799,073 • 4th - $2,851,537 • 5th - $2,155,313 • 6th - $1,640,902 • 7th - $1,258,040 • 8th – $971,360 • 9th - $754,798
  6. 6. Online Poker recently celebrated its 90,000,000,000 online hand Poker Market is HUGE (& wealthy)
  7. 7. Different players / different games Home Pub league games games Live Online tournaments tournaments
  8. 8. Enter Poker Rave• Track game session (when, where etc) with Poker Rave mobile app• Easily create notable hands during that game• Show graph of chip level during game• Follow other Poker players (and see their activity)• Share links to hands and games on Twitter and Facebook• Users ‘score’ increases through • Creating games and hands • Having their games & hands up voted • Having their games and hands being favourited
  9. 9. Poker rave platform Poker Rave website API
  10. 10. Poker Rave current status• Current state • In beta• All functionality is web interface based • Mobile app comes next• Participates in nReduce online incubator • Sets, meets and reports on weekly tasks• Gathering interest • Positive feedback from poker players• Currently bootstrapping • but contemplating raising funding to allow full time development
  11. 11. Revenue possibilities Custom Direct Affiliate venue advertising programmes promotion Paid for advertising Commission from Venues (casinos etc) (banners) referring site visitors can pay to describeProbably pokers sites to poker sites and promotions & services signing up On their ‘venue’ page
  12. 12. Competition• Main competitor is PokerStars ‘Boom’ • Allows export of hand from PokerStars client • Limitation : Requires Flash player! So no iPad and iPhone can view! • Limitation : Limited to PokerStars games• Whereas Poker Rave • Can be viewed on all platforms • Not limited to PokerStars
  13. 13. Demonstration
  14. 14. Next steps• Grow the site / gain traction • Get poker players registering/using the site • Ideally professional players• Develop the mobile app • Perhaps have Kickstarter campaign for £2K for MacBook / dev resources to make iPhone app (would promote Poker Rave as well)• Create videos (for demo, promotion & investors) • May be the best way to describe concept to others• Apply for funding / Accelerators / Incubators • Why not?