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Creating A Marketing Strategy for your Auto Body Shop That Works!


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When we first started AP Media in 2010, we didn’t set out to specialize in the collision repair industry – we set out to specialize in digital marketing. Fate would have it that two of our first accounts were Mark’s Body Shop in Baltimore and K&M Collision in North Carolina – two independent shops with a strong focus on the consumer above all else.

Our early education in the industry came from these two shops, and if any of you are aware of Mark’s and K&M, you’ll know that they have a very strong set of core beliefs at the heart of the way they do business. They take great pride in their independence. They believe that their customer, the vehicle owner, is the top priority. And as a result, the quality of the work has to get as close to perfection as humanly possible.

Not only did we take this on as the way body shops should do business, we also took these principles and made them our own. And we take pride in striving for perfection, and the customer is number one. The growth of the businesses we work with is the purpose of everything we do, and the key to that growth is to understand and serve the needs of the consumer.

If you don’t understand the consumer’s needs and their process of buying your services, you’ll never know how to attract them to your shop, and you may never be in the right place at the right time when they need you. Because the collision repair buying process is very different from most other industries.

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Creating A Marketing Strategy for your Auto Body Shop That Works!

  1. 1. THAT GROWS YOUR BUSINESS Creating An Effective Marketing Strategy for your Auto Body Shop Sykesville, MD |
  2. 2. Brent Betts Senior Digital Marketing Consultant Google AdWords Certified 18 years in Digital, Print and Radio Marketing Today’s Speakers Lee Emmons Chief Marketing Officer Google AdWords & Google Analytics Certified 12 years in Digital Marketing, Video Marketing & Production, and Web Design
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda 1. Introduce AP Media and our start in the collision repair industry 2. Understanding the unique buying process of the collision repair customer 3. Key elements of an effective marketing strategy 4. Share case studies assessing ROI 5. Q & A
  4. 4.  Absolute Perfection established in 2001 and our media division launched in 2010.  Recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing 5000 privately held companies two years in a row  Our media division features a team of experts that develop websites, search engine marketing, social media and reputation management programs, and produce video content, with several staffers certified in Google AdWords, Google Video and Google Analytics
  5. 5. Two of our first and largest body shop clients Shops shared a common philosophy Valued Independence The customer is top priority We developed our niche strategy Results We have immersed ourselves in the collision repair industry and consistently generated results for our clients helping them significantly grow their business Our Start in the Collision Repair Industry Focus on reaching consumers, driving conversions to our clients and growing their business
  6. 6. • How many of you had a digital marketing strategy in the past? Who’s tried it and did it work? • Who here owns a body shop? • How many of you believe those marketing efforts DID NOT work or DON’T KNOW if they worked? • How many of you had a digital marketing strategy in the past?
  7. 7. • What is the collision repair customer’s buying process? • How can you influence that process? • If you are skeptical that internet search IS NOT an important part of the buying process, look at the numbers from just two of the keywords used to search for your services. If you aren't going after people performing these and other searches in your market, think how much potential business you may be missing? In the past year in the US… 90,500 searches for the keyword "auto body shop" 27,100 searches for the keyword "collision repair" Source: Google Ad Words Tool, last full year July 15, 2017 Understanding the Consumer
  8. 8. Automotive Service Searches Monthly aftermarket service searches on Google Source: *Road to Winning Drivers – Aftermarket Service, July 2013 – Google Internal Data Understanding the Consumer 70,000,000 These MASSIVE Automotive Consumer Service Behavior numbers ARE FURTHER EVIDENCE of how these consumers will research for auto collision when needed This opportunity represents customers a month525,000 Their referrals make up another customers 100,000
  9. 9. I just wrecked my car! Understanding the Consumer This is an emergency situation and the consumer needs solutions immediately!
  10. 10. AdWords campaign matching keywords with relevant searches Google My Business and Local SEO tied to your Google listing, maps location and reviews Organic SEO Results based on how relevant your website is to consumer searches Search Engine Results Pages 50% of adults DO NOT distinguish paid AdWords ads from other results Source: Ofcom - Adults’ media use and attitudes Report April 2016
  11. 11. • Your website has to be correct before you start driving traffic to it. The consumer experience on your website is almost as important as the experience in your shop • Easy to navigate and optimized to direct people to encourage consumers to contact you • Speed optimized for minimal load time, consumer experience, and improving ranking • If you don’t have a mobile friendly website, you’re years behind your competition Your Website – The Cornerstone of Your Strategy
  12. 12. Screen shot of conversions from GA What’s the role of Social Media? • Platforms like Facebook, while not directly resulting in generating leads, can reach a lot of consumers in your local marketing area and extend your brand cost effectively, especially compared to other more expensive media branding platforms like radio and TV • Strong branding recognition will make it more likely consumers will click through on your links on search engine marketing results pages Source: Wordstream Customer data, Feb.16, 2017 Click through rates can increase 2 to 3 times more*
  13. 13. Sample Video
  14. 14. This car purchasing behavior will carry over and influence how the same consumers search for auto collision needs Source: *Google/Ipsos Connect, Mobile Video Study, U.S., n=2503, adults aged 18-54, Feb. 2016. **Google/Ipsos Connect, Mobile Video Study, U.S., n=195, adults aged 18-54, Feb. 2016. 1 in 3 Adults watches auto content on YouTube once per month in the U.S. Mobile video particularly drives in-market consumers to take action. After watching content about vehicles on a smartphone 1 in 4 visited an auto dealer Automotive buying consumers increasingly turn to video during their purchasing process The Importance of Video • Video content can enhance every piece of your digital marketing strategy • Videos showcasing your shop is more effective at building trust and confidence than text listings and content • Plays a key role in AdWords display advertising, YouTube and relevant websites. • Makes your website more engaging and improves search engine optimization Having video on a landing page increases conversions by 80%** Sources: *Animoto, 2015, ** Eveview, 2015 4x As Many Customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it *
  15. 15. Conversion Tracking - Critical to Measuring Success Question: Who knows how many phone calls and lead forms are generated by your marketing strategy? • If your marketing company is not tracking phone calls and webforms, you won’t know if you’re getting anything back from your investment • Your marketing company should be using conversion data to make adjustments and improvements to their strategy If your digital marketer can’t provide this type of tracking, you will be left wondering or questioning your ROI!
  16. 16. Incremental Revenue $733,752 (in 6 months) Lead Summary (H1 2017) 186 Web Form Submissions 147 Google AdWords Calls 73 Google Organic Calls Success Stories from Our Clients CASE STUDY #1
  17. 17. 2014 Revenue when started: $1.8mil Revenue Projection 2017: $3.7mil Success Stories from Our Clients CASE STUDY #2 Lead Summary (Sep. 2014-present) 696 Web Form Submissions 1,643 Google AdWords Calls 1,229 Google Organic Calls
  18. 18. • Empower shops to generate leads by reaching collision repair consumers directly • Have confidence that investing in the right online strategy will be successful • Question what new business is being missed without a marketing strategy • It is critical you work with a marketer that understands how consumers use the web for collision repair services Conclusions
  19. 19. Q & A
  20. 20. Thank you for joining us! The AP Media Team Visit us at Booth 1757