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Listing Presentation 10 23 10


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My latest Listing Presentation, Check it out it has tons of great info!

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Listing Presentation 10 23 10

  1. 1. ONLINE MARKETING PLAN © 2010® All rights reserved. rdc_listng presentaton_full_091610
  2. 2. REALTOR® PROFILE Lee Boone The Real Estate Depot 903-413-1794- CELL 972-234-2183- OFFICE 800-474-0460 -24 hr INFO LINE (Leasing Site) (Listng Site is under Consturcton) Texas A&M Commerce NAR,TAR,METROTEX I have the information: I intend to sell your home for the maximum price in the minimum amount of time. To a certain extent, achieving that goal is a numbers game. We need to create a richly detailed, spectacular listing for your home, and then we need to put it in front of as many potential buyers as we possibly can. Did you know that, as of 2009, nine out of every ten home buyers used the web to fi nd their new home? In 2010, the percentage is predicted to increase even further. The number of buyers who use the internet to fi nd their next home is increasing daily. The traffi c to online real estate marketplaces is sky- rocketing. The power of the web is growing. And I have been able to successfully establish myself online so that I am able to tap in to this steady stream of real estate shoppers. Over time, buyers’use of the Internet to search for homes has increased, rising from 71% in 2003 to 90% in 2009. Even more importantly, the share of buyers who reported using the Internet frequently to search for a home has risen from 41% in 2003 to 76% in 2009
  3. 3. 10/24/10 Sold Sol d Sold Sol d Sol d Sol d Sol d Sol d Sol d Sol d Let's Get your Home on this Page!
  5. 5. Price too low and you lose the value. Price too high and you lose the buyers. ASKING PRICE VS. SELLING PRICE Strategically pricing your home to get it sold for the most money in the least amount of tme
  6. 6. CRITICAL WEEKS WHEN A PROPERTY IS LISTED Pricing correctly helps you strike a deal when there is more competton for your home.
  7. 7. PRICING VS. POTENTIAL BUYERS Properly priced, you will have the possibility of many more buyers competng for your property.
  8. 8. IMPORTANCE OF PRICING ON ULTIMATE PRICE I will negotate on your behalf to help get the best price at the best terms in the shortest amount of tme. Over tme a home that has not been sold may atract ofers below market value.
  9. 9. PREVIEW OF YOUR HOME In additon to my eforts, the associates in my ofce may be assistng me in locatng buyers, showing and selling your home.
  10. 10. 90% of consumers use the internet to search for their home Reach the widest audience of potental buyers. More buyers = beter chance of fnding one willing to meet your terms, price and desired closing date. ONLINE MARKETING PLAN OBJECTIVES Source: Natonal Associaton of REALTORS®, Profle of Home Buyers and Sellers, 2009
  11. 11. 94.3% of recent movers said the internet was becoming more important than print. NEW MOVER SURVEY Source: Conducted by DME, Inc. for® Findings, April 2008 YES – 94.3% NO – 4.7%
  12. 12. 36% OF BUYERS FOUND A HOME VIA THE INTERNET - UP FROM 8% IN 2001 Source: Natonal Associaton of REALTORS®, Profle of Home Buyers and Sellers, 2009
  13. 13. 10/24/10 WHERE DO BUYERS COME FROM
  14. 14. Signs 12% Print ads 2% Internet 36% 5 2002: Internet surpassed print ads 2004: More buyers found their home on internet than from signs NAR 2009 PROFILE OF HOME BUYERS & SELLERS HOW BUYERS FOUND THEIR HOME Source: Natonal Associaton of REALTORS®, Profle of Home Buyers and Sellers, 2009 2009: The internet is THREE TIMES as powerful as signs
  15. 15. For illustratve purposes. Varies by broker and region. BEST OF ALL WORLDS BUYERS WHO ARE JUST ON REALTOR.COM® BUYERS WHO SEARCH OUR LOCAL SITE AND REALTOR.COM® PRINT ADS BUYERS SEARCH OUR LOCAL WEB SITE I market to buyers who are on our site PLUS buyers who have not yet picked a broker.
  16. 16. TOTAL MONTHLY MINUTES SPENT ONLINE (NATIONWIDE COMPARISON, in millions) Source: comScore Media Metrix, August 2010 I focus on® - where more consumers spend the most time 260
  17. 17. The® Facebook® applicaton is a non- intrusive way that I can keep my network apprised of your listng SOCIAL NETWORKING
  18. 18. Because® has millions of listings… I will make yours stand out
  19. 19. 10/24/10 When you list your home with us, the top real estate consumer websites will automatically market your listing on their site. We have formed these Business relationships to help feature your home and get it sold quickly.
  20. 20. MOBILE BUYER MARKETING PLAN Buyers driving through the neighborhood can: - Find your home, get directions and a map - Connect with me in one “click” to get details and make an appointment HOW WILL I SHOWCASE YOUR HOME TO THE MOST BUYERS? Buyers who already want this locaton fnd me through® iPhone marketng.
  21. 21. HOW WILL I SHOWCASE YOUR HOME TO THE MOST BUYERS? • Enable your home to rise to the top of the search above all other homes by adding more photos
  22. 22. • I place my cell phone on multiple points to increase buyer calls for your property HOW WILL I SHOWCASE YOUR HOME TO THE MOST BUYERS?
  23. 23. HOW WILL I SHOWCASE YOUR HOME TO THE MOST BUYERS? • I will make your home stand out with a video or virtual tour Over 173 million Americans watch videos on the internet every month Source: comScore, January 2010: Top U.S. Video Propertes by Videos Viewed.
  24. 24. OPEN HOUSES • Local and regional buyers make up half of the market • I will market your open house where most buyers are doing research in the early part of the buying decision • Those who know the neighborhood may refer their friends to your home
  25. 25. Other Internet sites that YOUR HOME will appear on!!
  26. 26. FEATURED HOMES™ MARKETING SYSTEMSM Locally, regionally, nationally and internationally • Move up buyers • First tme homeowners • Local buyers • Relocaton buyers • Investors • Foreign buyers
  27. 27. • I can make your home the frst one buyers see FEATURED HOMES™ MARKETING SYSTEMSM
  28. 28. FEATURED HOMES™ MARKETING SYSTEMSM • Triple the number of buyers who see your home
  29. 29. FEATURED HOMES™ MARKETING SYSTEMSM • Exclusive positon gets your home seen before all others
  31. 31. ONLINE LISTING PERFORMANCE REPORT • Weekly tracking report shows how many buyers are looking at your home