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Web Tools for Election Administration

My presentation on social media tools at the University of Minnesota's Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs conference, Innovations in Election Technology.

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Web Tools for Election Administration

  1. 1. Investigating and Applying Social Media Tools in Election Administration Lee Aase Chancellor, Social Media University, Global May 29, 2009
  2. 2. About Lee Aase Political Science, B.S. 14 Years in Politics and Government at all levels Campaigns and Government Offices Congress Minnesota Senate Ramsey (MN) County
  3. 3. Answering Your Questions Why should I care about social media? What are social media? Should we get engaged? How can I get started?
  4. 4. Agenda Surveying the changing media landscape Overview of Tools The MacGyver Mindset Mayo Clinic as a Case Study Election Impact of Social Media “MacGyver” Suggestions for Election Adminstrators
  5. 5. Changing Media Landscape Massive newspaper layoffs/buyouts Star Tribune Pioneer Press Los Angeles Times
  6. 6. Star Tribune Values 1998: $1.2 billion 2006: $530 million Today: Bankruptcy
  7. 7. One Huge Contributor
  8. 8. And exactly how do newspapers compete?
  9. 9. The Most Important Word in Web 2.0
  10. 10. Chicago Tribune Values 2000: Buys LA Times for $8 billion 2007: Sam Zell buys Tribune (with Times) for $8.2 billion
  11. 11. Media Values Wall Street Journal = $5 billion Chicago Tribune = $8 billion Star Tribune = $0.53 billion Total for all 3 < Facebook ($240 million for 1.6 percent)
  12. 12. Facebook Demographics More than 200 million active users More than half visit site daily More than 2/3 outside of college Over 35 fastest-growing demographic
  13. 13. Overview of Tools Blogs Podcasts RSS Social networking sites Wikis YouTube Twitter
  14. 14. Intro to Blogs Just an easy-to-publish Web site that allows comments Blogs in Plain English, Lee LeFever, Common Craft
  15. 15. RSS = Really Simple Syndication Lets you easily track dozens of blogs or other web sites Truly opt-in “email” RSS “baked in” IE7, Safari Google Reader, Newsgator, Attensa are free options
  16. 16. Podcasts TiVo for Audio (and now video) Don’t need an iPod Series of segments to which you can subscribe via RSS iTunes free for PC or Mac
  17. 17. Social Networking Sites MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn
  18. 18. Wikis Collaborative editing tools Wikipedia the most famous 2.2 million articles in English Definitive stories quickly on 35W Bridge Collapse Virginia Tech Massacre
  19. 19. Wikis
  20. 20. YouTube “The world has voted, and we have decided we want to watch videos on YouTube.” - Andy Sernovitz Google bought for $1.65 billion
  21. 21. The LeeAase Channel
  22. 22. The LeeAase Channel
  23. 23. Social Media Election Influence
  24. 24. The MacGyver Mindset
  25. 25. Mayo Clinic’s Experience
  26. 26. Mayo Clinic Medical Edge News Media Syndications
  27. 27. First Foray in New Media
  28. 28. Step 2: More, Longer Podcasts
  29. 29. Getting Started with Blogging Personal blog since July ’06 Asked to Develop Public Affairs Department blog in Dec. ’06 How do you do it without IT Support?
  30. 30. Private Blog
  31. 31. Private Blog
  32. 32. Total Cost for a Fully Customized Blog $75.00
  33. 33. 42
  34. 34. 43
  35. 35. Total Cost for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter $0.00
  36. 36. Key Tool: Flip Video Camera Highly Affordable Recording interviews (with tripod) improves existing processes Provides potential blog resources Audio of full interview Video excerpts Limited group of video editors to ease adoption, ensure quality
  37. 37. Cost for a Flip SD Video Camera $150.00
  38. 38. A Taste of Tweetcamp Understanding the Twitter Phenomenon Exploring Applications
  39. 39. Twitter vs. Facebook Facebook is primarily for strengthening existing connections (or re-establishing former ones.) For your friends. Twitter enables you to connect with people who have common interests. For the friends you don’t know yet.
  40. 40. Twitter vs. Blogs Twitter is a micro-blogging platform. Limited length reduces writer’s/artist’s block Blogs provide opportunity for more thoughtful reflection and development Tweeting = great way to take notes on a live event Blog = platform for review/synthesis Twitter = great for spreading word about posts
  41. 41. 5 Reasons Twitter is Better than Email “Brevity is the soul of wit” - and of Twitter No expectation to read and respond to everything Conversations open and discoverable Direct messages can reach recipients with priority Blocking or unfollowing punishes abuses
  42. 42. More Reasons to Care Twitter traffic grew 33 percent in 1 month Whether Twitter remains the “hot” platform or not, this type of communication tool will grow in importance
  43. 43. Twitter Hashtags Enable easy gathering, especially around an event, such as: #journchat #hcsm #mhsfellows #LeeAaseIsReallyWonderful - unused to date Follow in - try searching for #tweetcamp2 now! Or log into room on Create a hashtag simply by using it in a tweet
  44. 44. Twitter Etiquette Generally follow your followers Following not = endorsement Auto d to new followers = Not Cool “Protecting” updates also = Not Cool Replying (@) = Cool Re-Tweet (RT) to credit sources, help followers find interesting tweeters also = Cool Don’t conceal work affiliation
  45. 45. Twitter Case Studies
  46. 46. Case Study #1: Listening
  47. 47. Ensuing Conversation
  48. 48. Case Study #2: Tweetup in Baltimore Me: Are you based in Baltimore? Me: I’m going to be there Tuesday for this conference. ( on a panel RU available late pm? Me: I’m flying out Tues at 6:45 p.m. Any avail in the later afternoon? I think my panel is done about 2:30
  49. 49. Case Study #3: Journalist Interactions
  50. 50. Case Study #4: Contributing to Virality Alerted to interesting video of older couple playing piano in Gonda atrium. Embedded in Sharing Mayo Clinic, posted to Mayo Clinic Facebook page, and Tweeted 1,005 views in six months up to 4/7/09.
  51. 51. The next day...
  52. 52. Six Days Later...
  53. 53. April 22
  54. 54. May 15
  55. 55. Good Morning America
  56. 56. Applications
  57. 57. “Your kids are not smarter than you are. They’re just not afraid to look dumb.” -- Lee Aase, Chancellor, Social Media University, Global (SMUG)
  58. 58. How can you practically use social media for Election Administration? Blog for voter education, in-depth news Twitter for: Alerting followers to blog posts Mini-updates, reporting precinct results Conversations/Feedback YouTube - incorporate with blog for election judge training videos, curriculum
  59. 59. Total Cost for Blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Camera: $300.00
  60. 60. Immediate Application Get a FREE RSS reader, subscribe to feeds Get iTunes (FREE), subscribe to podcasts Start a FREE personal blog Open a FREE YouTube account and upload a video Open a FREE profile on Facebook and “friend” me Open a Twitter account and “follow” me
  61. 61. Your SMUG Example Origins in “12-Step Program” and Facebook 101 seminar Social media for lifelong learners Free Tuition (Room & Board not incl.) Google Lee Aase or SMUG U to audit classes, apply for admission Established Jan. 24, 2008