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Social Media Strategies to Click and Connect


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Slides for my June 9, 2018 presentation at #RAREontheRoad in Houston, TX. This is the first in a series of three workshops this summer sponsored by GlobalGenes and the Every Life Foundation for Rare Diseases.

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Social Media Strategies to Click and Connect

  1. 1. Being Seen and Heard: Social Media Strategies to Click and Connect #RAREontheRoad Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network @LeeAase
  2. 2. If I Can Do This…
  3. 3. From Connection to Engagement & Action In today’s presentation, we’ll explore how you can: • Reach and engage your ideal audience • Build a social media strategy that works • Drive traffic to your website or blog • Learn, inform and influence
  4. 4. Photo: Jenn Sprung
  5. 5. Photo: Jon Sprung
  6. 6. Photo: Jenn Sprung “In between doctors appointments, we live our lives.” ~ Kathy Kastner
  7. 7. Social Networking … is the use of technology combined with social interaction to • Learn • Collaborate • Create • Inform • Influence
  8. 8. Strategy: Ws & an H • Why do you want to use social media? • Who do you want to connect with and why? • Where are they? • What do you want to learn, share, influence? • What do you want them to do and feel? • How do they want to engage?
  9. 9. Social media strategy • Goal • Audience • Messaging (call to action) How do you want them to feel? What do you want them to do? • Measure for success • Tools • Tactics • Budget
  10. 10. Goal • Why do you want to use social media?
  11. 11. Audience • Converse with “harder to reach” people and organizations, network with people you otherwise don’t have access to • Learn the language of the people you wish to connect with • Find people where they are and when they are there (scheduling posts)
  12. 12. Connection and Conversation Don’t react. • Respond. • Engage. • Influence.
  13. 13. Choosing the right platform • Is your audience already using it? • Does it have the communication capabilities you need?
  14. 14. Facebook: Pages vs. Groups
  15. 15. Facebook Live and Periscope • Let you broadcast live, interactive video to the world • No FCC license required: smart phone or web cam
  16. 16. Twitter: Powerful Tool for New Connections • Most posts are public • Followers vs. Friends • Hashtags help you find users with common interests
  17. 17. Know your hashtags, communities & influencers
  18. 18. LinkedIn: Professional Networking
  19. 19. YouTube: Search-Optimized Video
  20. 20. Visual Social Media: Instagram & Pinterest
  21. 21. Importance of Images and Video
  22. 22. Don’t just pitch the media. Be the media!
  23. 23. Home Base and SEO • Free blog on • Upgrade options • Powerful SEO benefits • Link from social accounts and embed assets (e.g. videos, presentations)
  24. 24. Measure for success • Unlimited measurement opportunities in digital • Focus on those that relate to strategy and goals • Examples: • Clicks, comments, engagements • Traffic or unique visitors to home base • Email newsletter sign-ups/Activists recruited • Content shares
  25. 25. Summary • Identify why, what, who, where and how. • Plan for success. • Never go it alone. Collaborate. • Be creative. • Measure, evaluate and course correct. • Learn and plan again.
  26. 26. Resources for Your Social Media Exploration
  27. 27. The Mayo Clinic Social Media Network  The Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (#MCSMN) exists to improve health globally by accelerating effective application of social media tools throughout Mayo Clinic and spurring broader and deeper engagement in social media by hospitals, medical professionals and patients.  Our Mission: Lead the social media revolution in health care, contributing to health and well being for people everywhere.  Makes resources developed for Mayo Clinic staff available to peers, and generates revenue to support mission.
  28. 28. #MCSMN: A Catalyst for Health Care Social Media  Guidelines  Best Practices  Platforms  Training  Consultation
  29. 29. Free Basic Membership or Discounted Premium Membership for Patient/Caregiver Advocates Special RARE on the ROAD Offer!
  30. 30. 3 5 Social for Healthcare Certificate from Mayo Clinic and Hootsuite
  31. 31. Mayo Clinic Social Media Network Let’s Discuss!