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Leading Change from the "Other" C-Suite

Slides from my Oct. 13, 2015 presentation with Paul Speyser of CareHubs, Inc. at #SHSMD15 in Washington, DC

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Leading Change from the "Other" C-Suite

  1. 1. The opinions expressed are those of the presenter and do not necessarily state or reflect the views of SHSMD or the AHA. © 2015 Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development Leading Change from the “Other” C-Suite (That’s Communications) Lee  Aase,  Director,  Mayo  Clinic  Center   for  Social  Media   Paul  Speyser,  CEO,  CareHubs  LLC
  2. 2. If we’re successful, when we’re done you’ll be able to… • Describe ways Marketing and Communications Professionals can apply social networking tools to fulfill their core responsibilities • Describe various health system applications of an owned social networking platform to meet organizational objectives • Envision your own plan for leading your organization in increased application of social networking tools
  3. 3. In the next 45 minutes… • Brief background/history of Mayo Clinic and social networking (both analog and digital) • An example of integrated application of social and traditional tools to support MarComm goals • Getting C-Suite resources to support broader application inside and outside of Mayo Clinic • Collaboration and co-creation with external allies • Accelerating with Agility through thinking inspired by Wikinomics, The Innovator’s Dilemma, Lean Startup and Scrum
  4. 4. “Bridging Worlds for the Future 
 of Healthcare”
  5. 5. Metro-Area Populations for U.S. News Honor Roll Hospitals
  6. 6. Mayo Clinic’s Original Social Networkers
  7. 7. Austria Denmark Ireland Scotland Australia England Italy Sweden Argentina Fiji Mexico Switzerland Belgium Finland New Zealand Uruguay Canada France Norway Chile Germany Peru Cuba Holland Russia Countries Visited by Dr. Will Mayo
  8. 8. Information Sources Influencing Consumer Preference for Mayo Clinic (2010)
  9. 9. That’s Where I Come In… • Joined Mayo Clinic Media Relations team in Y2K • Focus: Telling stories about Mayo Clinic via journalists • Promoted to Media Relations Manager 2003
  10. 10. Starting with Syndication…
  11. 11. …leading to “New Media” (Podcasts)
  12. 12. Rapid Adoption of Free Platforms and Low-Cost Tools • 2007 - Facebook • 2008 • YouTube • Flip cameras • Twitter • blogs (News, Podcasts) • 2009 • Sharing Mayo Clinic • Yammer
  13. 13. Our “Not Good Enough”/MVP Online Newsroom - Mayo Clinic News Blog
  14. 14. An Integrated Application Case Study
  15. 15. UT Split Repair Procedures
  16. 16. Gaining CEO Support 30
  17. 17. Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media and Social Media Health Network • MCCSM - Be a resource to help Mayo Clinic stakeholders apply social technologies in clinical practice, education, research as well as for PR and marketing • SMHN - Share Mayo-developed resources to help health care peers embrace social tools, and invite peers to help us accelerate and learn together • External Advisory Board • Dues-paying organizational members 31
  18. 18. Starting the CareHubs Collaboration • Paul Speyser inquires about membership in SMHN • Discovered we were using a common platform (Wordpress/Buddypress) • Bartered programming help in lieu of SMHN dues 34
  19. 19. • A  software  platform  &  toolset  created  exclusively  for  Professional   Healthcare  Communicators  (both  clinical  &  marcomm  use  cases.)       • Actively  serving  >100K  MAUs  (patients  &  healthcare  professionals)   and  >1M  unique  visitors  monthly  across  the  CareHubs  network.  
  20. 20. • Provider-branded, secure, online patient support group hubs   • Patient & Professional Education hubs   • Online Newsroom & media relations hubs   • Custom applications (Clinical Trial Recruitment & Support, Alumni Relations, etc.)   CareHubs - Primary Use Cases
  21. 21. A Customizable Networking Platform • Public-facing sites with some content available to anyone with a browser • Various access levels for authenticated users and members • HIPAA-compliant and encrypted • Customizable for application in clinical practice, research, education and administration • One email-based account for all sites, with tailored access to each site based on user role 38
  22. 22. News Hub: Rapid Media Asset Publishing, 
 Syndication & Analytics • One-­‐touch  –  automatic  upload/transcode  to  journalists’  preferred  formats.     Automated  pull  of  external  assets  (YouTube  videos)   • Restrict  access  by  role  or  date  (embargoes)   • Granular,  per-­‐user/per-­‐role  viewership  AND  download  analytics   • Integration  with  using  the  CareHubs  API   • Automated  email  distribution  to  defined  press  lists
  23. 23. The DevOps Reliability & Scalability to Support a 24 Hour News Cycle • High  availability  cluster;    cloud  +  dedicated  servers   • Redundant  CDN  for  assets   • Challenges  of  being  agile  at  scale
  24. 24. On making B-roll and ancillary downloads readily available: 42 I’ve  been  a  bit  of  a  skeptic  of  the  Mayo  News  Network,  and  more  specifically,  who   picks  up  our  content.    No  more.    WCCO  (the  #1  TV  news  station  in  TC)  did  a  piece   on  the  speech  disorders  &  teachers  study  last  night.    They  didn’t  contact  us  –  or     even  tell  us  they  were  going  to  do  a  piece.    They  pulled  language  from  the  News     Release  and  bites  from  the  News  Network  and  did  a  story  that  was  almost  4     minutes.    This  was  completely  unbeknownst  to  me  or  anyone  else  on  the  media     team.   Turned  out  wonderful.    Here’s  the  link:­‐study-­‐teachers-­‐more-­‐likely-­‐to-­‐develop-­‐speech-­‐disorders/   Skeptical  about  the  News  Network?    No  more.    This  is  proof  that  it  works.     Nick    
  25. 25. ResourcesRelationships Research Recall
  26. 26. Lean Startup Thinking, Co-creation & Agile Development IRL Patients  and  Families
  27. 27. Outcomes – Family Engagement
  28. 28. Outcomes – Family Engagement
  29. 29. • Agile  Development     • Principles,  Methodologies  (Scrum,  XP)  Tools   • Use  at  MCCSM   • The  next  level  (sort  of)  
  30. 30. Waterfall SDLC Nothing  wrong  with  this  approach  as  long  as  requirements   are  1)  Stable  and  2)  Clearly  understood  by  all  stakeholders
  31. 31. • Relationship  between  Lean  &  Agile.    Problem  status.   • Definition  of  “Startup”   • Right  Work/Work  Right   • Communicating  using  analogies  that  resonate  with   medical  practice  &  “Organizational  DNA”
  32. 32. Hypothesis: 
 Conversion will drop by only 2% or less, in which case it will be worth it in exchange for increased data.
 Experiment: Increase # of fields on registration form 5x
  33. 33. • I  was  wrong • By  an  order  of  magnitude • In  the  opposite  direction Results:    
  34. 34. • I  was  wrong • By  an  order  of  magnitude • In  the  opposite  direction Results:     • 32%  improvement  in  conversions*
  35. 35. Collaborating & A few tips for avoiding   Lean/Agile“Cargo Cults” • Basis  for  recommendations/designs     • Test-­‐Driven  Development  &  Continuous     Integration     • Team  Consistency  &  Longevity  
  36. 36. 80
  37. 37. 81
  38. 38. (Continuously) Learning from Our Experience • Listen to Eric Ries • Embrace Agile Development and Scrum • Pursue reasonable risks and don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good • Think Wikinomically • Think Big. Start Small. Move Fast.TM • Communicate with your C-Suite (the real one) using analogies that resonate with medical practice and your organization’s DNA 82
  39. 39. The opinions expressed are those of the presenter and do not necessarily state or reflect the views of SHSMD or the AHA. © 2015 Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development For Further Interaction   @LeeAase  #MCCSM  @CareHubs  
  40. 40. A Closing Word from our CEO John Noseworthy, M.D.