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Questionaire analysis


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Questionaire analysis

  1. 1. By Tashinga Nyatsanga
  2. 2. These results showed that the majority of the20 Questionnaire participants werent15 exactly avid concert attendee’s. with this information I could either include10 information on concerts to show how5 interesting they could be and how going to them could support their favourite0 artist or I could exclude it entirely from yes no my magazine because if they don’t attend the already perhaps they are purely just uninterested in concerts and just want to listen to their artists music on the go or whilst their working.
  3. 3. These results showed a more in-depth analysis of the target audiences concert attendance rates. From this I havefrequently found that most of the T.A do attendoften concerts but not that often so with this information I would believe that if I werenot very often to include concert information in smallnever amounts each issue just to inform my T.A on the latest and available concerts are just so that they can keep up to date.
  4. 4. 1412 This information aids me on how big the10 target audience for people who buy mus8 magazines are, positively there were mo6 people who buy magazines than those w4 didn’t.20 yes no