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Featured artists


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Featured artists

  1. 1. I chose meek mill to feature on my magazinebecause his music would appeal to my targetaudience. He has become one of the top namesin r&b and hip hop over the past years,collaborating with big names such as Rick Rossand lil Wayne. His knowledge and power of themusic scene would be considered very interestingfor my target audience. His style and “swag” isalso considered by my target audience asdesirable, his position is considered the goal formany up coming artists. His lifestyle as well isvery luxurious and high speed, constantly on themove and he is searching for the next best thinglike my TA.
  2. 2. I chose this artist because it consulateswhat my magazine is about, introducing newand upcoming artist’s rookies as some wouldcall them. Flex is one of my school friendswho has created a name for himself and isconstantly performing. His story could helpmost of the TA who are music focused, bythis I mean those who want a career inmusic industry in the future. His style isconsidered desirable by many people andalso he has acquired the name ofTrendSetter because he is constantly bringout new swag which people embrace andadd their own little twist to.
  3. 3. I chose lil Wayne as my finalfeatured artist because he is a bigname has been one for a verylong time creating many songswhich have reached the top of thecharts Wayne, like meek mill, hascollaborated with many big nameartists his position in the game isun challengeable. Out of hissuccess he has also created hisown record label “young moneycash money Billionaires” whoinclude names such as NickiMinaj drake and Gutta Gutta.