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  1. 1. -Shape up, shows the artist is well kept and cares about his appearance.-Having an intercut shape up such as the one seen in the Chris brown photo shows that he wants to impress and be different from other people.-Having facial hair on the model is almostSeen as being wise and sophisticated, so if I were to have a singer with a moustache or something would help promote this image. It also relates to masculinitybecause facialhair is considered to be onlyacquirable ifsomeone hasbecome a man.
  2. 2. -For an RnB/hip hop artist most artistwear snap backs or flat caps because it is considered as a form of “swag”.-Snap backs can connote the artists favourite thing such as angry birds or their favourite team.-They are also considered tobe a form of expression.
  3. 3. -Certain hats suit certain genres for example, rappers are most commonly known for wearing snapbacks were as singers such as Neyo is known for his trilby.-Beanies on the other hand show a more laid back approach almost like singers. As well as them being laid back they can also connote that the artist is fun.
  4. 4. -The shoes or „creps‟ an artist has can show how stylish he really is because the creps a man decides to where in anoutfit is probably the most difficult fashion choice that he has to make. - Trainers can connote a very different thing to boots. For example boots show that the artist doesnt normally move around a lot on stage, it can also show that the artist is calm and isnt very active. Were as trainers connote the complete opposite, trainers show that the artist takes part in a sport or hobby i.e. lil Wayne does skate boarding.
  5. 5. Different chest pieces can connote differenttypes of personalities and traits for examplea vest could connote some one who is in hot conditionsor comes from the “hood” where as a sweater woulddepict a person who is of the older generation.There has been an increase in people wearing winterjumpers. Jackets or fur coats show that the artist is quiet rich because fur coats are very expensive and are mostly worn at prestigious events. So if the artist was to be seen smoking a joint or drinking red wine which can stain their coat, which could connote that the artist doesnt care if it gets stained. He could have more or can afford to buy more.
  6. 6. Trousers are a mystery, not really that importantbut certain brands and types show different things; for example having true religion jeans connotes that you can afford to buy expensive things butripped trousers connotes that you have a rough personality. In the r&b genre artists are oftenseen with them low slung. Having suit trousers connotes that the person is respectable and is in a high position, it can also show that they are very formal and presentable.