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The Pecha Kucha Toolkit


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Pecha Kucha presentations burst onto the scene in 2003 and have since been adopted and adapted by a wide audience, from the creative industries to the business world and of course, education. Having observed the use of Pecha Kucha in a number of different educational contexts, this practical session examines why the format continues to have relevance for us, and what role it can play in different learning and teaching environments.

This presentation shares a basic Pecha Kucha 'toolkit', structures to explore with your students and teachers, and some ideas you can try tomorrow in your class spaces and staff development.

Published in: Education
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The Pecha Kucha Toolkit

  1. 1. The Pecha Kucha Toolkit
  2. 2. Outline Background and context Why Pecha Kucha? The Pecha Kucha Toolkit Uses and adaptations
  3. 3. Pecha Kucha on Pecha Kucha: Pecha Kucha basics
  4. 4. Pecha Kucha origins
  5. 5. Pecha Kucha at Navitas 2010 Pecha Kucha trialled with classes Pecha Kucha training sessions (regional and local) Student Pecha Kucha events (fundraisers, Women’s Day presentations) Regular use across classes, including Academic English in ELICOS Included in SIBT curriculum for student assessments Used at Learning & Teaching Forum to share business unit updates2016 What other uses have you seen at Navitas?
  6. 6. Why Pecha Kucha? Audio - visual engagementFocus on main ideasDelivery format Discussion starter Confidence building Real life skills
  7. 7. Why Pecha Kucha? How did this teacher structure/stage her Pecha Kucha lesson?
  8. 8. What can I use it for? How would you use Pecha Kucha in your learning and teaching context? A few examples: • Icebreakers & warmers • Oral fluency for language learners • Presentation skills • Revision • Teacher delivery of key concepts • Student assessment - SIBT • Celebrating successes (course closure)
  9. 9. What can I use it for? 1 2 • Icebreakers & warmers • Oral fluency • Teacher delivery of key concepts • Student assessment - SIBT
  10. 10. The Pecha Kucha Toolkit Planning Presenting The no-tools-Toolkit Nailing it
  11. 11. Toolkit: Basics 1 +
  12. 12. Toolkit: Basics 2
  13. 13. Toolkit: Planning Why are you doing it? - Presentation skills? - Analysis/synthesis? - Assessment? - ….? Who will present? - You? - Teachers? - Students? - ….? When is the presentation? - This lesson? - Next lesson? - Online/asynchronous? - ….? What’s the topic? - One topic? - Choice of topics? - Curriculum? - ….?
  14. 14. Toolkit: Presenting Classroom basics - Projector - Screen - Computer - BYOD options Large class sizes - Present as pairs - Present to each other (pairs/small groups) - Present multiple times (to different groups in room) Planning timing - Prep time in class? - 10 or 20 slides? - Break every 5-6 presentations Listening & feedback Students: (note-taking) - Key points - Questions - Suggestions Teachers: (student feedback) - Content - Presenting skills? - Language skills?
  15. 15. Toolkit: the no-tools kit +
  16. 16. Toolkit: nailing it! Set a great brief/task - Student interests - Relevance to curriculum - Room for inspiration Ideas first, then visuals - Allow planning time - Plan without images - Time limits for image search Great images - Minimal/no words - Public domain/free sites (Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay) - Students’ personal pics Practice makes perfect - Lead by example! - Record yourself - Practice with partner - Allow time in class
  17. 17. Uses and adaptations Key themes
  18. 18. Uses and adaptations Improve students’ English language proficiency Oral fluency practice Controlled and freer practiceLearning skills development Onboarding IUsual orientation day ppt Backed up with Pecha Kucha to mobiles. Key orientation themes delivered with images in Shadow Puppet.
  19. 19. Uses and adaptations Quick and informal sharing of ideas Spark discussion e.g. MeetELT in ELICOS Teacher development Organised Pecha Kucha events Pub hire, charity event. Fun, entertaining. Bonding. Pecha Karaoke? Student experience
  20. 20. Anyone for Pecha Karaoke?
  21. 21. Questions and comments Stick yer head out… Ask a question / make a comment…