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Introducing Navitas Core Moodle


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Navitas has recently developed and launched ‘Navitas Core Moodle’ (NCM) . This learning technology product is not only a recent version, it also means that we will be undertaking a continual process of upgrades and new functionality, to ensure that Navitas learning environments keep pace with student, teacher and partner expectations.

NCM has adopted the ‘core, common, customised’ approach, which means that we recognise the differences across our businesses but also we can take advantage of common and core requirements.

Click through to find out more about Navitas Core Moodle and a sneak peek at the features and functionality that are on the drawing board, such as analytics and dashboards and interactive content.

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Introducing Navitas Core Moodle

  1. 1. Introducing Navitas Core Moodle Maria Spies | GM, Navitas Learning & Teaching Services James Hamilton | Head, Navitas Learning Technologies November 2016
  2. 2. 1. Moodle & the broader context (15) 2. Navitas Core Moodle – a deeper dive (15) 3. Group Discussion & Questions (15) AGENDA (45)
  3. 3. Learning & Teaching for student experience and outcomes > The core of our purpose > The focus of our collective effort > The most important activity undertaken within the organisation
  4. 4. 60+ Moodle instances 6+ versions 3 Canvas instances
  5. 5. Moving to NCM Product…. Key benefits of this strategy 1. Reduce complexity & improve efficiency – support, upgrades and enhancement 2. Provision of teacher professional development and resources 3. Ability to meet evolving needs - through academic and business involvement in decision-making
  6. 6. Navitas Core Moodle 1. It’s a platform - Moodle 3, core, common and custom configuration, baseline 2. It’s a community – User community and professional development 3. It’s a roadmap – Product team, upgrades and enhancements, BAU processes
  7. 7. How will we keep it up to date
  8. 8. JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 UP UK Colleges PUIC, UNIC, ICRGU, EIC, HIC, BCUIC, ICP, ICWS, LBIC, CRIC UP NA Colleges FIC, ICM, FAU, UMass Lowell, UMass Boston, UMass Dartmouth, UNH Consolidate Academic Integrity Software 2020MoodleRefreshProject Launch Navitas Core Moodle Product Start Learning Analytics Pilot Develop Learning Technologies Roadmap Launch Echo 360 Product Establish Learning Technology Governance Framework UP AU Colleges LaTrobe, Curtin, Griffith UP AU Colleges Curtin Singapore, Deakin, EIBT, ECC, ACBT UP AU Colleges ECC, ACBT NPI Colleges ACAP, HSA, NCPS KeyActivities Timing TBC: UP AU Colleges: SIBT, SAIBT, NIC, WSUIC, C&I UCC, WSUSSC, UCIC LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES - FY17 SCHEDULE
  9. 9. Navitas Core Moodle – What’s next? Launch the User Community • Feature requests and problem solving Pilot Enhancements • Learning Analytics • H5P Interactive Content • Zoom plugin Building a roadmap • Scheduling releases • Prioritising enhancement requests • Pipeline: New themes, course formats, user tours, mobile, configurable reports, moodle to moodle sharing
  10. 10. 168 288 514 312 Foundations of Learning and Teaching Online (FoLTO) Series • Essential Concepts (5-week course) • Engagement & Motivation (4-week course) • Assessment, Marking & Feedback (4-week course) 2020 Moodle Refresh • InstaMoodle (2 hours) • Building in Navitas Core Moodle, Self-Paced (6 hours) • Building in Navitas Core Moodle, Facilitated (4-week) PD webinar events 94 sessions for staff to engage in best practice. Tailored PD as part of transformation projects Participants: HSA, ACAP VET, Deakin College, NIC, SIBT, UCC, Hyde Park Colleges/BU’s. SUPPORTING EFFECTIVE TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY 846 staff; 1282 attendances – Jan to October 2016