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Manager Coaching Skills


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Managerial coaching skills are important essentials to ensure team development towards reaching company's goals. Being able to coach a team makes a manager more appealing as a leader to build business as well as people

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Manager Coaching Skills

  1. 1. Essential Managerial 101 Abilities Image source credited to :
  2. 2. Managerial Coaching transforms a positive… impact on the business and people Image source credited to
  3. 3. Ask powerful questions that brings through the thought process to result in solutions Ask More, Tell Less Image source credited to
  4. 4. Focus conversation on development and enrichment Employee More, Tasks Less Image source credited to
  5. 5. Facilitate learning process to enhance work requirements Assist More, Fix Less Image source credited to
  6. 6. Clear accountability ensures outcomes by committing employees to focus on achieving targeted goals Action More, Blame Less Image source credited to
  7. 7. Suitable coaching moments ensures reinforcement of work related learning to achieving desired outcomes Timely More, Random Less Image source credited to http://xn--90abeovs5a.xn--p1ai/sites/default/files/2011/10/meeting_workers.jpg
  8. 8. Manager as Coach Allows employees to find their own solutions Image sources credited to