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The Importance of eLearning: And Its Positive Effect on the Labor Force


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Currently 54% of. U.S. employers have open positions for which there are no qualified candidates. There is a serious gap in workforce skills. eLearning offers custom solutions for workforce development to help employers get the most out of their most valuable assets - their employees.

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The Importance of eLearning: And Its Positive Effect on the Labor Force

  1. 1. 56% 50% 47% The percent of senior executives who acknowledge a “serious gap in workforce skills” 92% THE IMPORTANCE OF eLEARNING And Its Positive Effect on the Labor Force QUALIFIED APPLICANTS & ESSENTIAL SKILL SETS The percent of employers who have open positions for which there are no qualified candidates 54% for every job that stays vacant for 3 months or longer A company loses more than $ 14,000 by gaps in essential skills? WHICH INDUSTRIES ARE MOST AFFECTED to provide self-directed skills improvement for the existing work force. Rather than seeking and hiring qualified applicants Businesses can Bridge Skill Gaps by using eLearning Healthcare Practitioners & Technical Occupations Personal Care & Services Occupations Business Soft Skills Computer Skills Adult Basic Skills Career Readiness Sales & Related Occupations eLEARNING IMPROVES: (AND MORE!) use some form of educational technology to improve the workforce. Companies are catching on. 40% of Fortune 500 Companies eLearning’s POSITIVE EFFECTS 50% 26% 92% 92% $30 $1 50% 26% $30 The number of Job Seekers who report they would feel more loyal to an employer who invests in them. The number of busi- nesses who saw a marked increase in overall productivity. The total increase of Annual Revenue after implementing eLearning. For every $ 1 spent on eLearning solutions, companies received $ 30 worth of productivity SOURCES: 1. 2. 20hobbles%20US%20employe rs%20-%20Financial%20Times.pdf 3. ed=12%F31%2F2014 4. 5. url=/pressroom/pressreleases/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspx&templateurl=/adeccogroup/News/Press-releases/Pages/ press-release.aspx 6. -germany&catid=29:business&itemid=54 7. 8. 8YCwsjqnl0&sig=ueThu4jXHIHLel8nDuXdXwMuXi4#v=onepage&q=eLearning%20benefits&f=false 9. 10. The U.S. Labor Force Lacks Copyright ©2014 LearningExpress, LLC