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An introduction to gamification for learning organisations


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There is a shift in how learning is being distributed, communicated and consumed online. The quality of digital experiences we enjoy in our personal lives is impacting our expectations and behaviour at work. After all, contemporary and multichannel consumer services are designed to make us ‘feel’ positive about our interactions.

Emotional engagement and participation happens is a result of frictionless, relevant and impactful online experiences. Without appropriate engagement strategies in place digital learning can all too easily fall short.

We have created LearnerLab in response to the consumerisation of learning. We provide vital online engagement services to help learning teams and education providers connect with their audiences.

We use this short deck to describe what gamification is and what benefits it can provide to learning organisations.

Published in: Education, Technology
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An introduction to gamification for learning organisations

  1. 1. A quick introduction to gamification for learning
  2. 2. Games and Gamification are different
  3. 3. Games are activities where players are set an objective and learn how to achieve it by repeatedly failing
  4. 4. Gamification utilises the engagement strategies used in games for non-game activities
  5. 5. Two sides to gamification
  6. 6. Best known - external motivators Strategies that encourage retention and repeat engagement Allow users to prove dominance over other players Allow users to explore and share their knowledge Provide social tools to allow user to connect Create levels of difficulty to allow players to demonstrate mastery What motivates your audience?
  7. 7. Just as important - intrinsic motivators Building on the engagement that already exists in the subject matter Amazing feedback - nurture feeling of mastery Frictionless UX - develop a sense of autonomy SImple to understand - create a sense of purpose Develop flow - encourage drive
  8. 8. Motivates audience through positive emotional reinforcement to repeatedly engage with a learning content or service What does gamification achieve?
  9. 9. Understand your audience Create a business case Design a gamification strategy Launch communications Measure success What we do