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How strong is your learning brand?


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Your learning brand is more important than ever before and Carl tells you why. Providing an anatomy of your learning brand and how to judge its health Carl provides strategies for building a learning brand people can believe in, creating a consistent digital experience for your internal customers.

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How strong is your learning brand?

  1. 1. How strong is your learning brand? Flickr: DoctorButtsMD #TotalLearning London 2014
  2. 2. Only 44% of L&D professionals say they have a communications plan that engages all stakeholders Source: Toward Maturity, Engaging Disengaged Learners 2014 Flickr: Steve Jurvetson
  3. 3. Who are our stakeholders? Colleagues Line managers Operations Senior leaders Shareholders Consumers Flickr: Trevor Cummings
  4. 4. 65% of customers are likely to share their negative experience with someone else, such as a coworker or friend Source: CEB The Effortless Experience: Implications for L&D 2014 Flickr: John O'Nolan
  5. 5. Most organisations have a learning brand Few actively manage them Flickr: Thalita Carvalho
  6. 6. If your brand looks like a duck and swims like a dog people will distrust it Source: The Brand Gap
  7. 7. This is an identity
  8. 8. Brand is the experience
  9. 9. Influencing feelings Flickr: rachaelvoorhees
  10. 10. Meet the most important brand owner
  11. 11. MOTIVATION TRIGGERS FAIL TRIGGERS SUCCEED Define the whole experience Source: Dr. BJ Fogg: Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University ABILITY LOW HIGH HARD EASY ACTIVATION THRESHOLD
  12. 12. Influence Inspire Trigger How people feel How people behave People to act Influence Inspire Trigger How How people people feel feel How How people people behave behave People People to to act act Source: 3 marketing lessons for learning & development by Todd Tauber
  13. 13. The current reality Desired outcome Brand jo urney Flickr: DoctorButtsMD
  14. 14. Insight • Understand corporate & people strategies & KPIs • Understand corporate brand • Audience profile: Motivations, perceptions of learning and relationship to org requirements • Evaluate current activities Flickr: Nina Jean
  15. 15. Purpose Vision 2. Definition Positioning • Key messages that communicate purpose • Explain the Why, What and How • Aligned to corporate vision • Response to 'what's in it for me?' Flickr: Mackenzie Greer
  16. 16. Realisation • Brand story & guidelines • Asset & template creation Addd • Launch campaign • Communications plan • Capability building 3. Constancy Flickr: Matt Neale
  17. 17. Amplify stories
  18. 18. Recognise success
  19. 19. Expand consistent experiences Flickr: James Lee
  20. 20. Develop your personality Flickr: Michael Krigsman
  21. 21. Position your tribe Flickr: Tinou Bao
  22. 22. Focus on outcomes not activities
  23. 23. Affirming Advocacy Personal Personality Confident Efficient Predictable Be inspired by CX Source: The 7 Essentials of Customer Experience - Different
  24. 24. Message Open a dialogue Source: The Brand Gap
  25. 25. 88% learn from collaboration with team workers 79% from manager 70% from Google 46% from formal education courses 55% learn on way to work Be agile and responsive Source: modernising-learning-delivering-results-2014/
  26. 26. Summary Don’t leave engagement to chance Create a communications strategy Define your brand experience Track and share success
  27. 27. Thank you for listening @learnerlab