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The Ethics of Machine Learning/AI - Brent M. Eastwood


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Artificial Intelligence and machine learning has the potential for greater good and danger itself. Eastwood questions the ethics behind machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Brent M. Eastwood, PhD

Published in: Technology
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The Ethics of Machine Learning/AI - Brent M. Eastwood

  1. 1. The ETHICS of machine learning/AI Brent M. Eastwood, PhD
  2. 2. How do we maintain control over the machine?
  3. 3. Occam’s Razor “Other things being equal, simpler explanations are generally better than more complex ones“ Parsimony – Computer Science – use simple models with few rules and few parameters; fewer lines of code Theoretical Computer Science - you have parsimonious reductions (counting problem of solutions for Search) High R²
  4. 4. Control is easier when the machine is a 12-Year-Old It can do a repetitive simple chore very well For AI – simple is a robot vacuuming the house  But it can learn the types of dirt and stains the vacuum picks up For ML – simple control is data science
  5. 5. Explanatory Variables  The Machine as a 12-Year-old  Parsimony and Elegance in Machine Learning • Spark MLLib (code provided by Apache Spark) Occam’s Razor Parsimony Elegance
  6. 6. Controlling a complex machine This is where human morality, ethics and virtue come in The ethical human is more likely to train the machine ethically
  8. 8. The Turing Test: Can a machine think? “If the output of the machine is indistinguishable from that of a human brain, then we have no meaningful reason to insist that the machine is not thinking.” The Innovators by Walter Isaacson, pg. 124
  9. 9. The Imitation Game: SQL vs. No SQL • NoSQL Cluster Data Monster • Spark • MongoDB • Kafka • Cassandra • Elasticsearch • The 4 V’s of Big Data • MLlib • MySQL Kitty Cat • Relational and Structured Database • Vertical scaling • MySQL • SparkSQL (“Dataframes”) • RMySQL • Various Cloud SQLs
  10. 10. Do you ignore certain types of data?  Room A – The NoSQl Data Monster  Room B – MySQL Kitty Cat  Room C- The Human Execute the “Big Data” Turing Test
  11. 11.  IBM Watson Health usually plays nice with doctors  Instead of basically saying “I’m correct…do this”  “There is a 40% probability that you will like this recommendation.”  Take a look at what I say and check for yourself  Human – Computer Hybrid Augmented Intelligence What if we just make the machine collegial?
  12. 12. RoboEthics: The TARS Humor Setting “Hey TARS, bring the humor setting down to 75”
  13. 13. TARS Is a Bad Boy TARS: “I have plenty of slaves for my robot colony.” TARS: “You can use it to make your way back to the ship when I blow you out of the airlock
  14. 14. TARS is a Good Boy - But is collegial AI the same as ethical AI?
  15. 15. The Ethics of The 'Singularity‘ Commentary-January 23, 2015 Alva Noe
  16. 16. Keep it simple and elegant Train the 12-year-old Human is the “Hero” (ethical and virtuous training) Is it our “biggest existential threat?” Conclusi on
  17. 17. Thank you! Brent M. Eastwood, PhD @BMEastwood @GovBrain Washington, DC