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What Is SQL Server 2012?


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This presentation is part of LearnItFirst's SQL Server 2012: A Comprehensive Introduction course. The video that contains this presentation can be watched here:

In this slideshow, instructor Scott Whigham explains what SQL Server 2012 actually is, and the different components of SQL Server and how they interact with one another. You will get a grasp of what each component is used for and the new features of SQL Server 2012.

Highlights in this slideshow:

- What is SQL Server 2012?
- The components of SQL Server
- How the different products interact
- Changes in SQL Server 2012
- What is Reporting Services (SSRS)?
- What is Integration Services (SSIS)?
- What is Anaylsis Services (SSAS)?
- What is the Database Engine?

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What Is SQL Server 2012?

  1. 1. p. 11
  2. 2. p. 222Chapter: Why SQL Server 2012?Course: SQL Server 2012 - A Comprehensive IntroductionCourse ID: 170Instructor: Scott WhighamChapter 02: Video # 1What Is SQLServer 2012?
  3. 3. p. 333Chapter Listing:1. Course Introduction2. Why SQL Server 2012?3. Installing, Configuring, and Upgrading to SQL Server 20124. Creating & Managing Databases5. Server Security6. Backup and Restore7. High Availability/Disaster Recovery8. Jobs & Automating Maintenance9. Creating Tables and Constraints10. Writing Queries and Manipulating Data11. Views, Indexes, and Query Plans12. Stored Procedures, Triggers, & UDFs13. Database Security14. Business Intelligence in 201215. Analysis Services 201216. Integration Services 201217. Reporting Services 2012
  4. 4. p. 444Chapter 02: Why SQL Server 2012?Chapter 02• What Is SQL Server 2012?• Types of Database Management Systems• The Languages of SQL Server 2012• What’s New in the SQL Server 2012 Database Engine?• What’s New in SSIS 2012?• What’s New in SSRS 2012?• What’s New in SSAS 2012?
  5. 5. p. 555SQL Server 2012:– SQL Server version 11.0– Evolutionary for most areas• User‐defined server roles, sequence objects, etc– Revolutionary in some areas• ColumnStore indexes, AlwaysOn, etc.
  6. 6. p. 666You can skip ahead to video #007if:– You know what SQL Server is– You know the languages of SQL Server
  7. 7. p. 777What is SQL Server?– Hard question to answer!– SQL Server is both:• A suite of software• A product name
  8. 8. p. 888SQL Server 2012:
  9. 9. p. 999
  10. 10. p. 101010
  11. 11. p. 111111
  12. 12. p. 121212SQL Server 2012:
  13. 13. p. 131313The term SQL Server 2012 isconfusing– Microsoft’s marketing department wants you to think of the entire suite– Colloquially, most people just mean the Database Engine
  14. 14. p. 141414Database Engine and SSAS storeand manage data– They are DBMS’• DataBase Management Systems– D.E. is a relational DBMS– SSAS is a multidimensional DBMS– (more on these terms later)
  15. 15. p. 151515Reporting Services and IntegrationServices are not DBMS’– SSIS is an ETL tool• Extract, Transform, and Load– SSRS is only about reporting• It uses the DE behind the scenes for data storage
  16. 16. p. 161616The interplay between the products:
  17. 17. p. 171717“Scott! What’s the differencebetween the DE and SSAS though?”
  18. 18. p. 181818In the next video…– Types of Database Management Systems“If you want to gather honey, don’t kick over the beehive. “- Dale Carnegie