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Word power championship 2013


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LeapForWord works towards enhancement of English language skills of children & youth from under-served communities.

Word Power Championship is intended to offer regional language school students a chance compete in a English Contest.

The contest tests children in the following 3 areas: Reading, Spelling & Vocabulary

The first edition of the contest was held on 9th June, 2013 at Shirpur (A taluka in district Dhule of state Maharashtra)

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Word power championship 2013

  1. 1. LeapForWordThe 1st AnnualShirpur9th June, 2013WORD POWER CHAMPIONSHIP
  2. 2. Getting ready to welcome the finalists
  3. 3. Finalists from various villages arrive at the venue
  4. 4. The stakes
  5. 5. Written Qualifiers - 15 out of the 38 students were shortlisted for the ORALs
  6. 6. Stuck on a spelling!!
  7. 7. Girls out-competing boys - As everywhere else!
  8. 8. WINNERS!!!
  9. 9. Winners with the LFW teachers