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Blogging vs vlogging (003)


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A presentation about my experiences of using blogging and vlogging with my adult learners.

Published in: Education
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Blogging vs vlogging (003)

  1. 1. BLOGGING VS VLOGGING How do they differ in the learning experience that they offer students? Leanne Johnstone H818 16J
  2. 2. Context… HE @ FE New modules Assessment Nutrition
  3. 3. The project…. 5 blog posts Digital skills Digital literacy Video log optional Power, R., & Naysmith, J. (2005). Action research: A guide for associate lecturers.
  4. 4. Timeline…
  5. 5. FINDINGS
  6. 6. About blogging… Positive Negative Fun! Technical issues Technical skill development Relevance Improved writing Anxious Provided inspiration Plagiarism Collaborative
  7. 7. About vlogging…. Only one student volunteered….. Less technological skill than blogging. Focus on content rather than writing. More motivated to do project. Brought out creativity.
  8. 8. “I was able to comment on my colleagues blogs and this has inspired me to comment on other peoples blogs on the internet”
  9. 9. Next steps…. • Develop preceding activities • Evaluate choice of tool. • Look further at existing projects and research. • Carry out next cycle of action research with next cohort.
  10. 10. Thank you for listening  Any questions?