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Analysing primary sources


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An introduction to using primary sources for year eight students; also used as stimulus for a research project about Antarctica explorers and exploration.

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Analysing primary sources

  1. 1. Analysing Primary Sources.<br />
  2. 2.<br />Copy and paste your given primary source into a word document<br />Insert text boxes around your image<br />Use the SEE, THINK, Wonder process to analyse your source<br />
  3. 3. SEE – we see – wooden boards<br />THINK – we think it is the decking of a boat<br />WONDER – we wonder what type of boat it is<br />SEE – we see a flat seal<br />THINK – we think it is a seal skin<br />WONDER – we wonder if it was hunted<br />
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  9. 9. Feels like – imagine you are there – what physical and emotional responses might you have?<br />Sounds like – imagine you were there – what sounds might you hear?<br />Looks like – describe the background, setting, surroundings etc<br />
  10. 10. Your task is to explore the event/aspect portrayed in your source further.<br />Develop some research questions eg When and why were seals hunted in the past? What type of equipment was used to do this? Where did it happen and when did it stop? What was the average seal hunter like? You can use the caption that comes with your source as a starting point. These questions are a starting point for the research – you can broaden or narrow the topic as you start to find more out.<br />Start your research – remember to use research techniques<br /><ul><li>Record the details of resources used
  11. 11. Take summary notes in your own words
  12. 12. Consider how your information will be presented
  13. 13. Some key words to give you a hint about the context of these sources: Antarctica; exploration; explorers.</li>