Product placement in movies and television


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Product placement in movies and television

  1. 1. Leanne Cozart
  2. 2. Nation of Con umers “By some research estimates the average American comes into contact with two thousand advertisements a day” “Advertising is the economic glue that holds most media industries together” According to Media and Culture … C A P I T A L I S M
  3. 3. What is Product Placement?  Product placement is the advertising practice of strategically placing products in movies and television shows in a post TiVo/DVR world to ensure consumers are still being advertised to in an effective way. "The reasons behind this development are rather simple, but critical to a media industry undergoing rapid change in an era of ad-skipping technologies and accelerating audience fragmentation," said Patrick Quinn, president of PQ Media.-Hanlon
  4. 4. Started out as subtle appearances in realistic settings… E.T. 1982 Then …
  5. 5. Can you spot the product? ‘’Preemptive product placement"? HowSnooki got her Gucci”– Doonon
  6. 6. “Also fueling the growth of television product placements has been the debut of niche instructional cable networks.” - Hanlon
  7. 7. NASCAR “One of the most enduring product placement efforts has been with Nascar. Nascar races have been around since the 1950s, and sponsors' names on cars have been around almost since the sport's inception.” -Friedmand $
  8. 8. What does Corporate say?  "It's great for the sponsor, and it's great for the show."  "This is a compelling way to advertise in a creative, subtle way and catch people's attention without having it scream out at them”  "In a normal environment you always see branding to cover that is artificial.“  "One reason it works in movies is that the producers don't have to sell ads every week. You can do a one- time deal with Nokia in one film and don't have to go back to Ericsson a week later and ask them to buy ads.”
  9. 9. The Truman Show Clip .com/watch/v=BhllP bO_6xg
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