Music Video Conventions


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Music Video Conventions

  1. 1. Artist / Song Genre of Music Target Audience Brief Outline Main Focus How are the artists Conventions represented?Kate Nash- Indie Pop Targeted toward Kate Nash begins in a Other than the dancers She is neither presented The main focus isMouthwash females aged 10+ dressing room, and then (who are always in in a positive or negative conventionally the walks out onto a stage, costume and the viewer light, however the lyrics singer/band; Kate the video cuts between can’t see their faces) suggest she’s portraying Nash’s video follows this theses to scenes Kate Nash is the only a ‘I don’t care what you convention, in that she is (backstage/on stage). other person in the think of me attitude’ the only focus of the The video is 4.04 Video making her the however the video video. However a minutes and doesn’t main and only focus on doesn’t show this well as convention it doesn’t reflect any overall story the video. Also there is it’s just her performing a follow is that it doesn’t or mirror the lyrics not a storyline in the set-up show. have a storyline to the video that the viewer video, which is a would need to follow. convention for pop videos.Lily Allen-22 Alternative Targeted toward Begins at a night At the beginning you She is mainly portrayed This video follows many pop/rock females aged 10+ club/party scene where could only see Lily’s as drunk on a night out; conventions of pop Lily acts drunk, it then silhouette, she then this also reflects the music videos, in the continues to show the comes into focus and is lyrics to the song. She is sense that the singer is contrast between what then never off the screen conveying the image that the main focus she would look like at showing that, like in Kate now she’s 30 she is too throughout the video and the beginning and end of Nash’s video she is the old to being going out is constantly shown. The the night the atmosphere only focus. every night, however this video also conveys a then changes to show a is what she does. story and relates and more calm and relaxed reflects the lyrics. feel where lily is doing a However one convention dance in a different usually of pop videos is setting. that they are bright and lively to attract a younger audience, which this video does notThe Courteeners- Indie Rock Male and females, The video begins set in a Unlike the first two The singer is initially The video does have aNot Nineteen generally aged 14- cafe environment; the videos the main focus is ignored from the rest of vague storyline.forever 40. lead singer is miming the not overly the singer, this the surroundings; However one convention lyrics while the others may be due to the however he is they this video doesn’t follow are going about their life different genre shown as having quite is that it only has one around him. There are (rock/alternative). The an angry side to him. setting (other than the them some short, sharp main focus generally is This idea would only clips of running) this is cuts of a man running, a the story and the work in this genre and unconventional as the female then enters the atmosphere that it tries this is what appeals to videos are usually set in cafe scene, a argument to convey in the video. this audience unlike in numerous locations, also makes up the rest of the pop videos where unlike the pop videos the video, whilst still having generally the video is lead singer/the band are the short clips of the happy/lively (depending not the main focus running. on the song/lyrics) throughout the video.
  2. 2. Biffy Clyro- God Rock Males and females, The beginning of this Unlike the previous The artists convey quite The main conventionsand Satan generally aged 14- video is quite original, its video this video focuses a quirky and original this video follows, as 50. set in a wood/forest in a on both the artists and image. They are shown with many of the other lake, where Biffy initial the storyline equally, to be the leaders videos, is that there is a emerges followed by the both play a major role in throughout and then put storyline which links to other members. There is the video, rather than to rest at the end and the lyrics and the artists then an ‘army’ of people one or the other. give in to God/Satan; are portrayed in a certain walking through a field this may also reflect way, however I think that all in face paint, they religious values. the mise-en-scene is continue to walk into the quite unconventional and forest as the sun goes is not what people are down and becomes used to seeing in music dark, the band members videos, this could then lie in a nest and are possibly be an idea I covered. This is possibly could use for my own. my favourite video out of these due to its sheer originality.Lady Gaga-Born Pop Targeted to The video is very Obviously Lady Gaga is She is presented in quite The video length is 7This Way females, generally eccentric and is based the main focus through a provocative way as minutes long and the aged 10-40. on the story that Lady out the video, however through the video she is actual song doesn’t Gaga is giving birth to a there are various wearing minimal clothes begin until 2 and a half new race, the video is dancers and different as well as quite minutes in, which is quite very high budget and scenes to the video provocative dance unconventional. This futuristic, however this is which makes it more moves, however; again could have one of two the style of video is what appealing to watch this is what we would effects, either the viewer people would generally generally expect from will get bored and not expect from the artist. Lady Gaga. She is also want to listen to the song shown in or in this case I think it would entice people to continue watching it as it is effectively like a short film clip. The video follows conventions in that there are a lot of quite sharp cuts combined with slower ones to slow the pace of the video