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NG BB 39 IMPROVE Roadmap


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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NG BB 39 IMPROVE Roadmap

  1. 1. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO National Guard Black Belt Training Module 39 Improve Roadmap UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  2. 2. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOCPI Roadmap – Improve 8-STEP PROCESS 6. See 1.Validate 2. Identify 3. Set 4. Determine 5. Develop 7. Confirm 8. Standardize Counter- the Performance Improvement Root Counter- Results Successful Measures Problem Gaps Targets Cause Measures & Process Processes Through Define Measure Analyze Improve Control TOOLS ACTIVITIES •Brainstorming • Develop Potential Solutions •Replenishment Pull/Kanban • Develop Evaluation Criteria •Stocking Strategy • Select Best Solutions •Process Flow Improvement • Develop Future State Process Map(s) •Process Balancing • Develop Pilot Plan •Standard Work • Pilot Solution •Quick Change Over • Develop Full Scale Action/ •Design of Experiments (DOE) Implementation Plan •Solution Selection Matrix • Complete Improve Gate •‘To-Be’ Process Mapping •Poka-Yoke •6S Visual Mgt •RIE Note: Activities and tools vary by project. Lists provided here are not necessarily all-inclusive. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  3. 3. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOTollgate Requirements - Improve NG CPI BLACK BELT TOLLGATE REQUIREMENTS PROJECT DELIVERABLES NGB COMMENTS IMPROVE Solution Prioritization / Selection Mandatory Brainstorm/prioritize Future State Process Map Mandatory Implementation / Improvement Plan Mandatory Action plan Pilot Plan / Pilot Results Recommended New Process Capability / Sigma Level / DPMO Mandatory Based on data type New Control Charts Recommended Not appl to all projects Storyboard / A3 Mandatory 1-page proj summary Barriers/Issues/Risks Mandatory Quick Wins Recommended Lessons Learned Optional UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  4. 4. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO What other comments or questions do you have? UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO