NG BB 07 Multi-Generation Project Planning


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NG BB 07 Multi-Generation Project Planning

  1. 1. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO National Guard Black Belt Training Module 07 Multi-Generation Project Planning (MGPP) UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  2. 2. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOCPI Roadmap – Define 8-STEP PROCESS 6. See 1.Validate 2. Identify 3. Set 4. Determine 5. Develop 7. Confirm 8. Standardize Counter- the Performance Improvement Root Counter- Results Successful Measures Problem Gaps Targets Cause Measures & Process Processes Through Define Measure Analyze Improve Control ACTIVITIES TOOLS • Identify Problem •Project Charter • Validate Problem Statement •Project Selection Tools • Establish Strategic Alignment •Value Stream Map • Gather Voice of the Customer & Business •Various Financial Analysis • Create Goal Statement •Effective Meeting Skills • Validate Business Case •Stakeholder Analysis • Determine Project Scope •Communication Plan • Select and Launch Team •SIPOC Map • Develop Project Timeline •High-Level Process Map • Create Communication Plan •Project Management Tools • Prepare High-Level Process Map / SIPOC •VOC and Kano Analysis • Complete Define Tollgate •RACI and Quad Charts •Strategic Alignment Note: Activities and tools vary by project. Lists provided here are not necessarily all-inclusive. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  3. 3. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOLearning Objectives  Apply Multi-Generation Project Planning to a CPI project  Distinguish MGPP and replication projects  Apply the scoping bulls-eye to a CPI project UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  4. 4. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOImagine This… Can you envision any of these scenarios applying to your CPI project?  Scope of your Project Charter is too big (“boiling the ocean”, “solving world hunger”, etc.)  Many related projects are identified, but implementing all of them would result in schedule delays  Capital investment is needed to execute a project solution, but the organization is not yet ready to make investment  “Smaller” closely related projects were identified that could also be done to improve the process… they’ll just take time  Need to “stop the bleeding” … implement a quick mini-project to fix process and generate benefits now!  Replication opportunities were identified… same (or similar) project can be leveraged across the enterprise to other processes UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  5. 5. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUODefining a Multi-Generation Project Plan What Is a Multi-Generation Project Plan (MGPP)?  A plan to capture a sequence of related projects that will benefit the process in the future  A planning vehicle that focuses the design team’s energies on a single manageable project that can be completed relatively quickly, within 4-6 months UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  6. 6. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOMulti-Generation Project Plan Benefits What are the benefits of the MGPP?  Manages scope creep  Captures good ideas that surfaced during the project  Identifies project replication opportunities for other parts of the organization  Establishes the big picture – tells how this project fits into the overall improvement strategy for the organization For example: this project generation will streamline the process and reduce the number of errors, and the next generation will be to implement an automated information system.  Communicates to stakeholders - “We’re focusing on this part of the process with this project, but recommend a follow-on project to address other parts of the process.” Allows the first generation project to proceed without delay... realizing benefits UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  7. 7. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOMGPP vs. Replication Projects MGPPs are plans for executing a Replication projects are essentially related sequence of projects, with identical projects that leverage scope/objectives/benefits or solutions that evolve and change benefits across: over time  Enterprise  Geographic regions Three examples of MGPP projects:  Functional areas, for example 1. Bench-scale > Pilot scale > Full error reduction applied to HR scale data entry from a Finance project 2. Manual > fully-automated > web- based solution MGPP can include 3. RIE > DMAIC > Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) breakthrough Replication projects project that requires new technology and capital investment UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  8. 8. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOMulti-Generation Project Plan (MGPP) Key elements of the MGPP: An overall goal for that generation stating in Multi-Generation Project Plan (MGPP) concise language: What is to be accomplished? Vision Why? Can also include high-level metrics with targets! Describes each distinct generation (or release) and lays out the series of releases. Plan characterizes Process distinct combinations of customer benefits or level of Generations performance. The goal of that generation (or release). For technology-focused MGPPs, describe the ability to execute the MGPP goals using current technology, why Platforms there is a need for technological developments for each and generation. What is performance and benefits are required Technology from the new technology to execute the vision? This could also include special personnel requirements to support the vision! UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  9. 9. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOLead Time Reduction Example Lead Time reduction to decrease Army Medical Reserve Units mobilization time. Generation 1 to pilot and refine solution. Generation 2 to implement solution in Reserve components. Generation 3 to integrate across all functional commands. Generation 1 Generation 2 Generation 3 • Train-Alert-PMT-Deploy • Train-Alert-PMT-Deploy • Train-Alert-PMT-Deploy ARFORGEN PMT<60 Days ARFORGEN PMT<30 Days ARFORGEN PMT<14 Days Vision Introduce Across the AR Implement Across the AR Sustained Across the AR Force Structure Force Structure Force Structure • Introduce rapid training cycle • Implement new rapid • Integrate training across in 7 to 9 units, pilot, obtain training cycle to RTS Meds, USARC/Joint Commands via Process and analyze metrics, refine CTCs and MSTCs. Maximize maximized AR/Joint Generations training cycle as required. AR Training for USARC / Command training … all RTS Functional Commands. Meds, CTCs and MSTCs. Platforms • Theatre Equivalent Equipment available for • Theatre Equivalent Equipment available for • Theatre Equivalent Equipment available for and training year 4. training year 3 and beyond. training year 2 and beyond. Technology Key: PMT = Post Mobilization Training CTC = Combat Training Center MSTC = Medical Simulation Training Centers RTS Meds = Real Time Services - Medical UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  10. 10. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Multi-Generation Project Plan (MGPP) Generation 1 Generation 2 Generation 3 Vision Process Generation Platforms / TechnologyReleased 03/27/09 Multi-Generation Project Planning (MGPP) 10 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  11. 11. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUODefine the Project Scope  Once the first generation has been described, it is often useful to further define what is within the scope of the first generation project.  The In-and-Out-of-Scope Tool can be useful. In-and-Out-of-Scope Tool Approach:  Individually brainstorm elements of the project (both in and out Services IT Site A N, O, P, Q of scope)  Write on sticky notes Sites Service Site E Stakeholders  Draw a circle on a flip chart to B&C M indicate the project boundaries Customer Team  Place the notes either inside or A Admin Customers outside the circle’s boundaries to X&Y show whether you think the element is within the team’s All Remaining Engineering scope or not Customers  Discuss and agree as a team Admin UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  12. 12. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOTakeaways You should be able to:  Use the Multi-Generation Project Plan to divide large projects into manageable phases.  Understand difference between MGPP and replication projects  Use the scoping bulls-eye with a team to determine what is in and out of scope on a project. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO
  13. 13. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO What other comments or questions do you have? UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO