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Reading and its benefits


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this is a presentation on the benefits that we can acquire if we read.

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Reading and its benefits

  1. 1. READING AND IT’S BENEFITS Leandra Rosario Alvarado Universidad del Sagrado Corazón Inf 103 Sec.5
  2. 2. Index: 1. What is Reading? 2. Mental Stimulation. 3. Helps reduce stress. 4. Empathy. 5. Expands Vocabulary. 6. Improves focus and concentration. 7. In Conclusion 8.Bibliography 9. Contact Information Source: By Dano Nicholson,Titled: Book Light. Licensed CC
  3. 3. What is Reading? It’s what your are doing right now and trough it you can learn a lot of things.Thanks to the variety of books, articles, essays and blogs with different topics. But sadly, a lot people don’t like it. Source: By Carlos De PazTitled: Reading. Licensed CC
  4. 4. Mental stimulation Slows the progress of dementia andAlzheimer Reading, playing chess and doing puzzles keeps your brain active The brain is a muscle it requieres exercise to keep it strong and healthy Source: ByTom Lawrence Titled Reading. Licensed CC
  5. 5. Helps reduce stress Reading a book can transport you to different places or worlds making you relax, losing yourself in the story. A study by the University of Sussex found that reading can decrease stress levels by a 68% Source: By JueWangTitled: Reading. Licensed CC
  6. 6. Reading about other peoples situation and lives that are different then yours helps you be empathetic and it can make it easier for you to understand and relate. Empathy Source: By Claudio Cicali Titled: Reading in the sunlight Licensed CC
  7. 7. Expands Vocabulary The more you read the more you learn new words and expand your vocabulary. Making you a lot more interesting to talk to thanks to the range of descriptive words. Other people will find you interesting and it improves writing skills. Source: By Meagan ,Titled: Dictionary . Licensed CC
  8. 8. It strengthens your focus because it requieres focus. Now a days we are always multi- tasking lowering are productivity and increasing our stress levels. Reading 10-20 minutes a day can improve your ability to focus and be more productive. Improves focus and concentration Source: By Sylv,Titled: Concentration. Licensed CC
  9. 9. In conclusion We should read more not just books but articles, essays and poetry.To open are minds and learn new things. Reading is a beautiful thing , it’s like TV in your head, but with so many more benefits. Source: By Sarah Ross,Titled: Notepad. Licensed CC
  10. 10. • Brown, J. (2018, January 31). 15 incredible benefits from reading every day, backed by science. Retrieved October 15, 2018, from every-day/ • Chiaet, J. (2013, October 4). Novel finding: reading literary fiction improves empathy. Retrieved October 15, 2018, from reading-literary-fiction-improves-empathy/ • Winter-Hébert, L. (2013, May 21). 10 benefits of reading: why you should read every day. Retrieved October 15, 2018, from reading-why-you-should-read-everyday.html Bibliography Source: By Evandro O Souza,Titled: Livros. Licensed CC
  11. 11. Twitter: @lea_alva97 Instagram: @leandra_alvarado Email: You can find this presentation in: Contact information Source: ByTakuya Goro,Titled: Phone. Licensed CC