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Teaching children


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Published in: Education
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Teaching children

  1. 1. Teaching Young Learners By Leandra Dias @llea_dias
  2. 2. Today`s agenda-Some true facts about teaching children-Piaget, Vygotsky, Brunner-Things to consider when you teach children-Teaching children for life
  3. 3. Some true facts about children-Children are more enthusiastic and lively as learners. .-They want to please their teacher rather than their peer group-They get easily distracted and demotivated.-They need to be noticed and heard.-Children are more enthusiastic and lively as learners .-Children are often less embarrassed than adults to perform tasks.-Children struggle to understand meta language.
  4. 4. Learning from experts VygotskyPiaget BrunerThe child as an active learnerThe child as socialLanguage for cognitive growth
  5. 5. When you teach children- Tasks and Skills development -Classroom management -Assessment
  6. 6. Classroom Management Classroom ManagementTeacher X Students STT X TTTInstructions Voice and Eye contact Lesson Stages Routines Teaching Environment Behaviour
  7. 7. -- Tasks and Skills development Tasks and Skills developmentSongs Stories -Reading -Listening -Writing -Speaking Games Playfulness
  8. 8. --Assessment - Realistic expectations -Focus -Psychological issues -Achievement -Feedback and self-assessment-Record Keeping
  9. 9. Teaching Children for lifeCLIL Teaching across the curriculum
  10. 10. @llea_dias www.eltcandyland.blogspot.comDiscovery teaching involves not so much the process of leading students to discover what is `out there`, but rather, their discovering what is intheir own heads. Bruner, The Relevance of Education.Thank you very much !!!!