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Agency analysis


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Published in: Education
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Agency analysis

  1. 1. Fresno CountyDepartment of Social ServicesChildren and Family Services
  2. 2.  Vision: To lean an integrated network of community partners that supports, protects and strengthens children and families. Mission: To promote a system of best practice in partnership with the community, committed to prevention and early intervention, that ensures child safety, permanence and stability, family well-being, that is proactive, strategic, outcomes based and fiscally responsible to the children and families served.
  3. 3.  The department of social service (DSS) addresses the needs of children, when suspected abuse or neglect is a concern. The populations that are frequently considered are the low income and substance abusers. Make note that anyone can make report on anyone if they suspect that children are in danger. The agency investigates all referrals and if necessary the police remove the children.
  4. 4.  In order to substantiate an investigation, at least one the penal codes must be used. The penal code is what is used in order to place a hold on a child(ren). Then Welfare & Institutions code section 300 can be applied. At this time the children are removed and placed in temporary foster care. The parents will then have a team discussion meeting to determine if the children will be placed back in their care or not. The parents may have to complete certain task before the children are back in their care.
  5. 5.  At every investigation the family is asked if they need help in any way. Whether the answer is yes or no, the social worker informs them of local resources. Anti-gang programs Medical Information Counseling Parenting Childcare Transportation Disabled Services and Programs Emergency Services Domestic Violence Law Enforcement Drug and Alcohol Central Valley Native-American Food and clothing Indian Tribes Housing Employment (adult & youth) Legal Services
  6. 6.  This agency empowers this population to be self sufficient. Everyone has the right to be treated equally, some just may need a little more help than others. Everyone that goes into the system is given the opportunity to not have their children permanently removed.
  7. 7.  Every agency has its pros and cons. Allowing feasible time to contact parents or family members is a must in this field. In my opinion 24 hours is not a lot of time. Although their use of cultural brokers is a great idea. A cultural broker is for the African- American population they help them understand what is going on, and inform them they are their to assist them in anyway they can.
  8. 8.  This agency empowers individuals to maintain and sustain a healthy lifestyle, all in the efforts of keeping the family unit together. Social workers face social injustice everyday, it is the goal to have available access to all of the needs to achieve social justice, such as services, resources, participation, and equal opportunity for all the people. In the US we all have human rights , we are entitled to many things such as an education, equality, freedom,…the list goes on. In order to use these rights one must know they have RIGHTS and then know how to access what they are entitled to.
  9. 9.  Child Protective Services Hotline (559) 255-8320
  10. 10. Department of family services