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Making Flow Happen


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by Angela Watson of Portsmouth NHS Trust shown at the 4th Lean Healthcare Forum on 9th October 2007 ran by the Lean Enterprise Academy

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Making Flow Happen

  1. 1. “making flow happen” Angela Watson Portsmouth Hospitals Lean Cardiology
  2. 2. PHT Facts The Numbers £370 million turnover 500,000 population 51k Elective, 64k Non-elective, 450k OP, 127k ED 7,000 staff 1300 beds Largest MDHU in the UK The Rating In the top 11% of the country ‘Good’ for both quality of care & finance (HCC) The Future Single site ‘state of the art’ hospital FT status Electronic Document Management Best in Peer Enterprise Wide Lean Transformation
  3. 3. Current state – May 07 31 weeks from GP referral to non- invasive diagnostics
  4. 4. Future StateFuture State 4-5 weeks from GP referral to non- invasive diagnostics, discharge or TCI date. Appropriate tests complete within 2 hours 30 mins
  5. 5. Future State Map Cardiac Diagnostic pathway Amb- Home- Recep - Echo - Consultant-ETT- Consultant – Pre clerk – TCI date