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Ndex- Lean Startup Machine NYC


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ndex- Lean Startup Machine NYC

  1. 1. nDexsubscription aggregator for busy people
  2. 2. Assumptions● More people would subscribe to news if they felt they could read all that they paid for● Publishers are failing to attract enough subscribers● Publishers would benefit from a service that aggregates news from multiple premium sources and tailors content to users tastes
  3. 3. The Solution● At a fixed, discounted price, users get personally recommended articles from multiple premium sources in a concise format ○ pulled from social data and reading habits● Instantly search for news across multiple subscription-based providers ○ Google cant search these articles
  4. 4. Invalidated Assumptions● information overload is a pain point ○ while users are busy and have little time to read news, they do not actively seek tools to save them time ○ users just read what they have time for● users would be more satisfied reading one article at a time rather than browsing one-hundred ○ people learn from skimming headlines of articles they dont read ○ the multitude of information is helpful ○ might be better to test this again with an actual product in users hands, not a hypothetical idea
  5. 5. Invalidated Assumptions ● Recommendation services exist, but many people do not utilize them ● Some users are subscribed through their workplace, and are indifferent towards the cost (and time)