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#LsmNYC Team - SeniorSupport


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Winner of the "Success Will Kill You Award"

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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#LsmNYC Team - SeniorSupport

  1. 1. J
  2. 2. Senior Citizens
  3. 3. What’s the Problem? WTF?
  4. 4. Key Assumptions•  Seniors want help using their computers•  Seniors will pay $30/month for the service•  Helping seniors can be a burden on their children•  Seniors will be willing to call for help when an issue arises
  5. 5. Weekend at a Glance•  Went to 2 senior centers•  Spoke to 3 senior specialists (phone)•  Interviewed 10 seniors (in person)•  10 phone calls to Craigslist ads•  Interviewed 4 children of seniors•  Phone call with Mrs. Owens! (phone)
  6. 6. RoadblocksSenior Center Protection
  7. 7. Initial MVP•  Phone number•  Knowledgeable people•  $30/Month•  Selling “Magic”
  8. 8. Lessons Learned•  Communication is Key•  US-Based English-speaking phone•  Similar service = $20 - $40/hour•  $30/month subscription is too much
  9. 9. One More Thing…
  10. 10. One More Thing…There is Demand!!! 4 LOIs
  11. 11. Next Steps•  Present to senior centers•  Interview other minimalists•  Which services?•  Figure out scale