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  1. 1. Kevin Hailstock Yann IlboudoAakash Chokshi
  2. 2. Initial Problem • People want to build personalized artwork online for themselves or as a gift. This process can be made easier by creating a platform that uses building blocks based on a user’s personality. o Assumption: People want to give other people art. o Assumption: People want to create artwork themselves given building blocks. o Assumption: Art can reflect of personal preferences. o Assumption: We can recommend building blocks related to the user’s personal preferences. o Assumption: The target demo is people who don’t have the skill to create art but want to. o Assumption: The target demo is middle aged, middle class people. o Procedure: First set of interviews based on survey created to test assumptions. 6 customer interiews.
  3. 3. Initial Results o Results § People were uncomfortable giving art gifts to other people and don’t necessarily like the art they receive from other people. § People usually bought art that they connected with personally (e.g. location or item). § People generally don’t want to create their own art, but would like more choices. § Skill level didn’t seem to impact interest levels in creation. § Moving to new residence seemed to correlate with buying art. o Other Learning § We didn’t make many assumptions about the artists themselves.
  4. 4. Updated Problem • People want wall art that reflects their choice and artists, especially the lesser known ones, need additional platforms for promoting and monetizing their work. o New Assumption: Artists want a new platform for people to find their work. o New Assumption: Artists need an easy way to get their work online. o New Assumption: Lesser-known artists are the target artist demo. o New Assumption: Target demo is younger (17-40). o Procedure: Second set of interviews. 12 customer interviews, 1 artist interview (ran out of time), ~40 sent out (that we will likely get responses to during the week)
  5. 5. Updated Results o Results § Artists do need additional channels to promote their work and create new work. § Lesser-known artists are validated by the success of other sites like Shutterstock § Artists would want to create new artwork for this platform, not necessarily use their old workinsightfulART Value Proposition • We will provide a platform that allows artists to easily upload many variations of their artwork and define the elements that can be customized. This will allow users to order the final artwork that matches their choice. The platform will also allow users to request additional/new variations from artists.Monetization Strategy • Artist will define price of artwork • We will add cost of print/finishing • Commission of sales
  6. 6. MVP • Built a website that showed basic consumer experience with a given piece of artwork o
  7. 7. o Let people know what it is
  8. 8. o Get Usage Metrics § Track clicks on colors, monkey, buy now, make request and get info by setting up transparent HTTP get requests on user actions (from 11:45AM to 1:30 PM below)