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Ten Ways to Get Out of the Building


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Tendai Charasika, EnterpriseCorp, Ten Ways to Get Out of the Building @ The Lean Startup Conference 12/3/12

Ten Ways to Get Out of the Building

  1. 1. GETUNCOMFORTABLE#GetOutOfTheBuilding
  2. 2. #GetOutOfTheBuilding1. Don’t Ask Your Uncle2. Set Up A Booth, Do A Public Demo3. Interview Potential Customers4. Put Your Office Where Your Customers Are5. Throw A Party6. Talk To Experts In The Field7. Find The Decision Maker8. Listen To What Customers Are Demanding9. Pre-Order, Landing Pages, Analytics10. Ask for the introduction
  3. 3. Find YourCommunity #GetOutOfTheBuilding
  4. 4. Be Where The Customers Are #GetOutOfTheBuilding
  5. 5. Use the Crowd
  6. 6. The goal of a startup is to figure out the right thing to build – the thing that customers want and will pay for – as quickly as possible. -eric ries @XcellentTea