Lean Leadership Lessons by Intuit


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Lean Leadership Lessons by Intuit

Brad Smith
Laura Fennell
Hugh Molotsi

The Lean Startup Conference 2013

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  • NOTES:
  • Need to align all three or arrange nicely. Goal is to make the words pop more and we can minimize the names and faces to make a little smaller.
  • Well, it first begins by putting your wood behind fewer arrows.Said another way, choosing what you won’t focus on up front.Steve Jobs was often quoted as sharing that he was as proud of the things that Apple hadn’t done as the things they had.
  • One idea is this one we used for a LinkedIn post:http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130320174857-1940438-leaders-need-to-remove-barriers-not-create-them?trk=mp-reader-card
  • It was once said of JFK that he was more than a great communicator…he was a translator of dreams. In May of 1961, he called for a nation to commit to the goal of landing a man on the moon and bringing him safely back to earth before the decade was out.An inspiring message for an inspiring mission. A single idea that motivated a nation to a decade of work.People want to be a part of something much greater than themselves…and it is our challenge as leaders to help define that vision.
  • NOTES:
  • Lean Leadership Lessons by Intuit

    1. 1. Lean Leadership Lessons Brad Smith | Laura Fennell | Hugh Molotsi @IntuitBrad @IntuitInc #LeanStartup
    2. 2. Becky Scott @lolagoetz Work with a big tech co. How do we disrupt the status quo & get moving quickly like a startup again? Jackie Bonner @jackiebonner Suggestions for fostering an innovation-accepting culture at an established company? Chris Turner @chrissaid How does Lean Startup apply to a business not based on a tangible product?
    3. 3. LEAN LEADERSHIP LESSONS Make Innovation Everyone’s Job
    4. 4. Jane Bozarth @janebozarth Work in an old bureaucracy. Tips for increasing velocity? Ali Ganz @aliganz How do you reconcile established and heavy processes with the spirit of being lean? Eric Ries @EricRies Common question: How do line-level employees get their experiment approved?
    5. 5. LEAN LEADERSHIP LESSONS Get Out of the Way “ “ The bottleneck is always at the top of the bottle.
    6. 6. Eric Ries @EricRies How do you decide how to allocate resources to early stage experiments? If an experiment shows some validated learning, but not yet any traction, how do you decide whether and at what level to continue funding it? Mary Camp @mcamp41 Thoughts on ways to overcome challenges in institutionalizing Lean Startup in large organizations?
    7. 7. LEAN LEADERSHIP LESSONS Place Bets on Today and Tomorrow
    8. 8. LEAN LEADERSHIP LESSONS Paint a Grand Vision “ “ More than a great communicator… a translator of dreams.
    9. 9. Thank you! Brad @IntuitBrad | Brad_Smith@Intuit.com Laura Laura_Fennell@Intuit.com Hugh Hugh_Molotsi@Intuit.com IntuitLabs.com