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Customer Development Power-Ups


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Gaurav Agarwal, LensBricks , @agarwal__gaurav

Knowing your customers is difficult, and finding them can be an expensive endeavor. Gaurav Agarwal has learned a few easy, low cost tricks to help startups build a quick understanding of customers and market. His techniques leverage existing web analytics tools that are available to all. Aimed to help startups get more with less, when working in a resource-constrained environment.

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Customer Development Power-Ups

  1. 1. Customer dev power-ups #HackCustomerDev Lean Start up Conference 2015 #LeanStartup #HackCustomerDev
  2. 2. How well do you know your Customer ? “No.1 reason for failure, cited by 42% of polled startups ” - C.B.Insights #HackCustomerDev
  3. 3. Questions facing you ? Who .. are interested in your product ? are your power users ? How .. do you reach them ? do you collect feedback at scale ? What .. are your customer’s preferences ? are features do they hate / demand ? #HackCustomerDev
  4. 4. Customer dev is hard #HackCustomerDev Time Money $ Resources
  5. 5. Hacking your early research Online data + Analytics + Creativity = Preliminary Market Insight ! #HackCustomerDev
  6. 6. Hacking customer development User data .. Time spent online: 21hrs/week Unbiased .. Passive, honest, from right users #HackCustomerDev
  7. 7. Methodology Where are your users Online Can you Mine the info manually #HackCustomerDev Loop the info mining ,scrape Process the data and Analyse
  8. 8. Hacks & DIY Power-ups for tech startups, small businesses, even individuals.. #HackCustomerDev
  9. 9. CaseStudy - LensBricks Exploring home monitoring.. Smart cameras for consumers #HackCustomerDev Who are the current buyers ? What are the main use cases ? Where are the gaps ?
  10. 10. Methodology #HackCustomerDev Identify model competitors Where can you find their users Online Mine Loop Analyse
  11. 11. Who buys home monitoring/security ? #HackCustomerDev Scrape & cluster profile data
  12. 12. Who buys home monitoring/security ? #HackCustomerDev 53% Male 78% married | 29% parents $38k avg income pa ( individual ) Construction professionals, Realtors, Members of military, consultants & IT professionals Affiliations to : Apple store, Verizon, Best Buy, Home Depo and Radio shack 53-70% Male 90+% Married | 25-47% are Parents. $57k - $68k avg income pa (individual ) Entrepreneurs , Senior Managers , Sales/Marketing Managers, focus on Tech & Travel Affiliations to : Apple Store, Best Buy, Verizon Store, Roku and Sprint Store
  13. 13. What are the main use cases ? #HackCustomerDev Wrote script to mine data Analysed using excel No coding method: Use kimono labs + wordCloud
  14. 14. What are the main use cases ? #HackCustomerDev Summary - 1900 reviews: (as of Nov 2014) Security usage ~40% Baby/Child monitoring ~26% Pet monitoring ~22% Miscellaneous ~12% ( lawn, elderly )
  15. 15. What are the gaps ? #HackCustomerDev Wrote script to scrape data Analysed using excel No coding alternate: Use kimono labs + wordCloud
  16. 16. What are the gaps ? #HackCustomerDev Write code to scrape OR Analysis in excel
  17. 17. What are the gaps ? #HackCustomerDev Pros: Easy setup ~ 90% HD video quality ~75% Night vision ~40% (results are based on data mined as of Dec 2014) Cons: Monthly subscription ~70% False alerts ~55% Wifi/Connectivity ~30%
  18. 18. CaseStudy - LearnLingo Who could potentially buy ? How to reach potential buyers ? Marketplace to learn language while you travel #HackCustomerDev
  19. 19. Who could potentially buy ? #HackCustomerDev tweets about “learning language” “learning chinese” …..
  20. 20. Who could potentially buy ? #HackCustomerDev Engage personally (learn & feedback) Targeted marketing (A/B test, sell) + tweets about “learn language” add to google spreadsheet
  21. 21. CaseStudy – Igloo How to reach out to potential customers quickly ? Service provider to real estate agencies #HackCustomerDev
  22. 22. How to reach potential buyers ? #HackCustomerDev where would agencies be listed ? how to download their details reach them at scale ?
  23. 23. CaseStudy – Megha How to survey other developers on their preferences & practices ? Created software to be used by biometrics developers #HackCustomerDev
  24. 24. Who to reach potential users? #HackCustomerDev Wrote script to automate
  25. 25. How can you implement ? #HackCustomerDev
  26. 26. How can you implement ? Find Online Mine manually #HackCustomerDev Loop Analyse - Use DIY tools - Code Write/use code Get code written - Non coding Mturk, Upwork - Use DIY tools Existing tools Excel addins - Code Write/use code Get code written - Just look !
  27. 27. List of tools #HackCustomerDev Demographics Pro Followermonk Simplymeasure Twittersheep Hootsuite Web Scraping KimonoLabs Fminer ScraperWiki Social Media Appstore AppAnnie MoApp AppFigures IFTTT
  28. 28. Limitations #HackCustomerDev “ With great power, comes great responsibility ! ” Just Hacks and not full blown solution Mislead Bad experiment design Private data Be respectful !
  29. 29. Hope that was helpful ! #HackCustomerDev Email: Twitter: @agarwal__gaurav Linkedin: Need any help, please reach out !
  30. 30. Hands on exercise #HackCustomerDev Lets scrape for product reviews .. Its easier than you think ..
  31. 31. Kimono labs + Amazon + WordClouds #HackCustomerDev Step1: Install Kimono Labs 1) Switch to chrome browser 2) Go to 3) Click Sign-up & create an account 4) Click on the kimono labs icon on the center of the page. It says “click to install” 5) Add/Install the chrome extension
  32. 32. Kimono labs + Amazon + WordClouds #HackCustomerDev Step2: Go to product review page on Amazon 1) Go to 2) Search for you product and go to the product page 3) Scroll to the bottom and click on “See all 2362 customer reviews”
  33. 33. Kimono labs + Amazon + WordClouds #HackCustomerDev Step3: Scrape using Kimono Labs 1) Click on kimono labs chrome extension, wait for it to load 2) A pop up appears, familiarise yourself with the controls 3) Selecting “Title” of review: • Click on title of any review – yellow box should appear. Now click on title of another review . You should see “Title” of all the reviews selected. 3) On the kimono lab tool bar, click on the plus sign. 4) Selecting “Description” of review: • Click on description of any review – yellow box should appear. Now click on description of another review.
  34. 34. Kimono labs + Amazon + WordClouds #HackCustomerDev Step3: Scrape using Kimono Labs 5) Selecting “Number of stars” of review: • Click on the “number” besides “star” for any review – yellow box should appear. Now click on same entity for another review. 6) On the kimono lab tool bar, click on “open book sign” 7) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “4” in pagination number tab
  35. 35. Kimono labs + Amazon + WordClouds #HackCustomerDev Step4: Downloading the data 1) Provide your login details 2) Provide a name for your API Change “5 pages maz” to “25 pages” 3) Click on “create API” 4) Click on the link for your API 5) Let the crawl complete if its in progress 6) Click on “Data Preview” tab 7) Click on “csv” and then “Download” button on the right to get the data
  36. 36. Kimono labs + Amazon + WordClouds #HackCustomerDev Step5: Make sense of data 1) Open the .csv file in excel 2) If you are an excel/scripting ninja, you can do text analysis, sentiment analysis, etc 3) For others, lets use an online text analysis tool 4) Go to “” or “” 5) From the excel sheet, copy the title or description column and paste it on the tool 6) Generate word cloud 7) Remove unnecessary words from wordlist like “dropcam” “pro” “camera” to leave only the adjectives/verb